Journal: Vintage Dance Moves For This Year’s Holiday Parties

Vintage Dance Moves For This Year’s Holiday Parties

By Petrolicious Productions
December 23, 2014

‘Tis the season of twinkling lights, bells, hot cocoa, and holiday parties. You know what’s about to happen because it happens every year: someone grabs your hand, pulls you to the dance floor, and won’t let you leave until you shake what your mama gave you. You can’t just stand there; no, you have to move your body. The difference is that this year, we are here to help you be as smooth on the dance floor as you are on the road. We’ve curated photos of vintage dance moves you might just want to brush up on in case twerking doesn’t work for you–and we’ve even included directions!

So prior to the next big shindig (which we know is circled in red on your paper calendar) your mission is to close the door, turn on some music, get in front of the mirror, and practice. Why not try The Bug (“The Bug is an exciting fun dance which does not require dancing talent. All that is needed is a little imagination and a lack of inhibition”), The Mashed Potato, or the Hitch-Hiker. Perhaps you get so loose, you come up with some new classics of your own–we’re thinking The Steering Wheel, The Wax and Shine, The Double-Clutcher, and The Driving Glove. Get dapper, Petrolisti, and get dancing!

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3 years ago

Brit magazine driving observations about the Boxer, I have repeatedly laughed about the supposed driveability and handling complaints.

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