Journal: VINTAGE VIDEO: Follow This Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ On Its 1978 Road Trip To Laguna Seca

VINTAGE VIDEO: Follow This Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ On Its 1978 Road Trip To Laguna Seca

Alex Sobran By Alex Sobran
September 1, 2017

This is the kind of thing that just doesn’t happen much anymore: driving an Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ all the way down from Canada to go racing in the historic events held in Monterey, at Laguna Seca. Shot on Super 8 film in 1978, this film is a document of a time we won’t likely see a companion to ever again. To see the Alfa driving through the rain surrounded by pedestrian cars of its era is a trip, to say the least. I won’t spoil more, as the narration (and soundtrack) tells the story from the source far better than I can, so crack a Molson and enjoy the show!


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rao sabir
rao sabir

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This is a great way to burn 24 minutes, and I mean that in a good way.

Bill Meyer
Bill Meyer

So much has changed. Even a “small time” vintage event now brings out the $500k transporters, the hospitality suites, and spare engines and transmissions. The pit scenes in this film scarcely revealed even a shade canopy!
Can anybody these days imagine seeing a Tubolare Zagato tooling down a rural freeway in the rain?

Andrew James

wow, just wow… mesmerised

Martin Springer

Amazing movie about a true gearhead – see also


Cut off shorts. Perms. Socks up to your knees. My track is Road America and I can remember race days like this. Course they weren’t around, but no one constantly checking their smart phone. Oh, to go back in time!

Marc de Vries
Marc de Vries

This is absolutely wonderful. It brought back so many nice memories of my late uncle Peter Akkerman racing his Giulietta SZ over here in Europe.
Fantastic footage and such a nice representation of that period.

Josh Pfister
Josh Pfister

I haven’t commented in some time, but still follow all of the amazing stories you share with us. I have to say this was about the best 25 minutes of film I have seen in a very long time. Thank you Petrolicious crew!

Spencer Tillim

What a great film! What a great time! Oh how it used to be. Race cars drive to the track – very few trailers. It is all good fun and not too fancy. The old track and how fast it was….. There will always be car guys and girls.