Journal: Visiting Deus Ex Machina's Balinese Outpost

Visiting Deus Ex Machina’s Balinese Outpost

By Ted Gushue
September 1, 2016

Photography by Ted Gushue

If you haven’t sipped a strong coffee, seen a slick t-shirt, lusted after a custom bike, or attended one of 3 Luftgekühlt events from Aussie-based Deus Ex Machina over the last 10 years, it’s safe to say you’ve been living under a rock. The surf-meets-moto-meets clothing brand has been churning out thoughtfully designed products (typically penned by our pal Carby Tuckwell) seem to have reached an international level of regard in many communities, not just our own.

I had the chance to stop by what’s known as the “Deus Temple” in Canggu Bali, and was immediately welcomed with a cold Bingtang, a beard trim, and a full tour of their bike building/board shaping facilities.

The space was originally envisioned as a destination before Canggu really became the bustling surf hamlet that it is today, and now that everyone and their brother is trying to get over to the beaches of Bali, the Deus Temple plays happy host to any and all.

The design is typically unpretentious of the brand, a backyard performance space is littered with comfy beanbags. Offices are raised Javanese houses, shipped in and equipped with vital air conditioning. The bike shop is simple and straightforward, bikes on the island, after all, generally find their displacement below 150-cc, and the board-shaping studio is covered in a gorgeous technicolor rainbow of fiberglass resin.

Staff are friendly, beer is comically cheap, and if you’re into their clothes you can generally pick them up for a fair sight less than you would at their Aussie, Japanese or Los Angeles locations due to a handsome exchange rate.

If you find yourself in the area and don’t stop by, I think it’s safe to say you’re blowing it.

You can check out Deus Ex’ Cafe in Bali online to plan your visit.


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