Journal: Before It Was the Bus, VW's Type 2 Worked for a Living

Before It Was the Bus, VW’s Type 2 Worked for a Living

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
May 7, 2013

VW is known for some spectacular vintage advertising, ads which were instrumental in their success as a viable large-car alternative in America, itself a stepping stone to the international behemoth of modern-day Volkswagen. During this time, the Type 2 was merely an inexpensive workhorse (as illustrated by these print ads and brochure images), designed and developed long before its days as a counter-culture icon, a time when the idea of a 21-window bus fetching nearly six figures was simply inconceivable.

We never tire of these fantastic old images, and we think you’ll enjoy them, too.   

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Love these classic ads. If you are looking for more imagery on the iconic VW Van you might want to check out this webpage “The Vintage VW Van Presented in Dealer Book Glory”. Great vintage VW stuff.

Alan Franklin
Alan Franklin

Great stuff, thanks for sharing.