News: Wait, Hold On, This Is More Than ‘Just’ A Refined Alpine A110

Wait, Hold On, This Is More Than ‘Just’ A Refined Alpine A110

By News Desk
March 3, 2020

Renault has released details on two new versions of its Alpine A110 two-seater sports car. But those looking for performance or power upgrades might be a bit disappointed. Well, as disappointed as you can be in a serious rival to the Porsche Boxster.

The Alpine A100 Légende GT is the brand’s ‘most refined interpretation of the A110 to date’, according to the automaker. Based on the Légende version, it sports the same mid-mounted, 1.8-litre turbocharged four cylinder with 248hp and 236lb ft of torque. The difference is in the esthetics. Outside, it will be available in just three colours, including Mercury Silver, Deep Black and Abyss Blue (yes, the provided images are pretty naff, sorry). Translucent tail light lenses also differentiate the model.

But it’s inside where the real differences are. Door sills with lit emblems, six-way adjustable Sabelt seats in warm amber leather and matching leather on the doors attract attention. Brown stitching and carbon fibre elements with a copper weave complete the look, but perhaps most unique is that it comes with a set of matching luggage. And to complete its uniqueness, there will be just 400 examples sold worldwide, each for the equivalent of around $77,500.

The second Alpine of the day is also an esthetic endeavor, albeit with a tad more decadence attached: the A110 Color Edition 2020. This is actually a program intended to run annually, offering a single exterior finish per year that’s not available on the rest of the range, and on just 110 cars per annum. This year, Alpine is going with Sunflower Yellow (that’s more like it!), a colour from the brand’s storied past. The model will be available from now until the end of the year, at which point the colour will be permanently retired from Alpine’s lineup. The Color Edition also gets contrasting black elements and can also be optioned with a carbon fibre roof. This version is based on the A110 S, so it comes with the zestier 288hp version of the turbo four and is available for around $79,000.

*Images courtesy of Renault Alpine

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Jorge Cristóvão
Jorge Cristóvão
2 years ago

The yellow suits the car perfectly.