News: Want To Own One Of Only 12 Maserati MC12 Corsas Ever Built?

Want To Own One Of Only 12 Maserati MC12 Corsas Ever Built?

By James Gent
March 11, 2020

Just under one month ago, Maserati announced that its brand new super sports car was called the ‘MC20’, named as it was in honour of both the Maserati MC12 supercar of which the newboy was a “natural evolution”, and the year 2020, which is set to be “the start of a new phase in Maserati’s history.” And late last week, the Italian marque confirmed that “mules tests” were underway with a prototype MC20, both on the road and on-track.

What better time then to get your hands on the fastest and most dynamic version of the MC20’s predecessor ever built, the MC12 ‘Versione Corsa.’

Well, we say ‘get your hands on’, but that might be a bit of a stretch. The original built-to-order MC12 Versione Corsa – ‘Racing Version’ – was available to Trident clients by invitation only in 2007, each for a whopping €1 million (around $1.13 million USD) plus change. Given that another example sold at auction a few years ago for close to $2.8 million, whomever the new owner might be will need some suitably deep pockets in their Louis Vuittons.

They’ll also have exclusivity, given that only 12 MC12 Corsas were made available to clients (plus one prototype). A proverbial goccia in the ocean compared with the 30 examples of the FXX built by Ferrari.

Track-exclusive and with no road-going homologated equivalent, the Corsa was built atop the same carbon-fibre monocoque at the base of the MC12 GT1. This was an absolute weapon, which secured two FIA GT Championship Manufacturer Cups and propelled Germany’s Vitaphone Racing Team to five consecutive titles in the series, plus the inaugural FIA GT1 World Championship in 2010.

Celebrated by a plaque in the cabin, the MC12 GT1 even won outright on its Spa 24 Hours debut in 2005. But for a mistake during the final hour of the race in 2008, would have been undefeated heading into the event in 2009.

Unsurprisingly, the MC12 Versione Corsa also goes like absolute hell. Thanks to its rigid yet lightweight chassis and aluminium front and rear subframes, the track model weighs only 1,150kg (around 2,535lb). There’s also the small matter of that mid-mounted 6-litre V12, which was mated to a six-speed ‘Cambiocorsa’ semi-automatic gearbox and, when unshackled, produced a spleen-spinning 755hp at full chat. That means 0-200kph was over and done with in just 6.4 seconds as the Corsa hurtled towards its 326kph top speed.

Granted, the V12 in this particular model was recently removed and fully rebuilt by ex-Maserati Corse mechanics in Modena, while the gearbox and carbon Brembo brakes were also given a full service. Rather than the original ‘Blue Victory’ colour in which the Corsa was originally launched in 2006, this model also boasts a more vibrant orange, but retains the original bare carbon rear wing and dark grey 18in wheels.

Price, astonishingly, is available upon request, and unfortunately the Petrolicious petty cash purse doesn’t quite stretch that far.

*Images courtesy of Girardo & Co. You can find more details regarding the sale item HERE

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