Travel: Watch This Porsche 917 Get Prepped For Rennsport Reunion V

Watch This Porsche 917 Get Prepped For Rennsport Reunion V

By Michael Banovsky
September 23, 2015

If you’re into Porsche, you’re well aware of the exceptional Rennsport Reunion, a huge gathering of the marque’s best race cars, drivers, and fans. It’s a gathering big enough to take over Laguna Seca for an entire weekend, and the company brings many of its own historic race cars, including the Gulf-liveried Porsche 917 you see above.

This video is more than just a promo, however. Starring factory drivers Patrick Long and Hurley Haywood, it gives a glimpse into how different it must be for the younger generation of drivers to get to grips with Porsche’s Herculean ancestry—cars like the 917 that must be driven flat-out, without the mechanical and electronic improvements found in modern race cars.

Petrolicious will be at Rennsport this year, and if you aren’t in yet, there’s still time to get tickets. Still not sold? With all the Porsches around, it’s the closest anywhere in North America comes to being a mini-Stuttgart, minus the Butterbrezel and Maultaschen. Go.

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Chris Gibbons
Chris Gibbons
8 years ago

Hey – Will this race be streamed from Petrolicious like the Good Wood Revival?

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