Travel: We Visit The Temple Of Speed For Monza Historics

We Visit The Temple Of Speed For Monza Historics

By Jacopo Villa
August 12, 2015

Photography by Rosario Liberti

Monza Historic is the name given to three days of pure classic racing at our “Temple of Speed” in Northern Italy. For local car geeks like me, events like these in Monza are like having all your friends invited to your house: it’s when you’re able to find all of your motoring friends spending time together, with cars.

Despite how some say the organization for the Monza event is “typically Italian,” and anything but perfect, the show is guaranteed: Ferrari 512s, Alfa 33/2s, McLaren M1Bs, Lolas, Lotus Cortinas…and a few handfuls more of iconic race cars.

I was truly impressed by the variety and quality of the cars there, and the show justified the high price for a ticket.

Monza Historic is one of those events where you’re able to see cars that are normally kept in private collections, and let me tell you, they got exercised. The show was remarkable: sideways Cortinas, full-throttle Ferraris, Cobras, E-Types, and 911s all often at the edge…and sometimes, beyond.

The show offered by the Monza Historic is both on and off track, if you walk the pits: how many times have you witnessed an open heart surgery on a Ferrari 312 or a transmission overhaul of an Alfa Romeo 33/2?

Despite all this, attendance felt quite low. It was nice, however, as there was not too much mess and everything felt fast and accessible. With fewer people, there was a great view of anything in the pits or close to the track: walk past the “Breadvan” Ferrari to get a view of what hides in the massive trunk, watch the mechanics wrench frenetically on something, or just stand in the bleachers and enjoy the show…

To view more of Rosario’s work, visit his website.

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Razvan H
Razvan H
8 years ago

Great article Jacopo (as always). Another Alfista here, so more pictures with Alfas would have been welcomed.

I have a suggestion if I may, wouldn`t it be cool an area on the homepage with dates for different events, both US and Europe? Sort of centralized information for all, maybe it would be of help.

Randy Greene
Randy Greene
8 years ago

Petrolicious continually tops itself in its abilities to tell a story for those of us that cannot be there. The photography is always excellent and the writing paints a picture without descending into verbosity. I love the Alfa Romeo content- I bought my first one in 1988!

Jim Valcarcel
Jim Valcarcel
8 years ago
Reply to  Randy Greene

Could not agree with you more Randy!

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