Journal: What Automotive Events Are You Most Looking Forward to This Year?

What Automotive Events Are You Most Looking Forward to This Year?

By Petrolicious Productions
February 4, 2013

It is the beginning of car season, and it is easy to get swept up in planning all of the automotive events that you want to attend this year.  It can be very easy to fill up a calendar with shows, cruises, races, and gatherings at your favorite shop.

Some of the events we are looking forward to here at Petrolicious include Autodelta’s 50th Anniversary on March 17th in Italy, Bimmerfest on May 18th, Pikes Peak Hill Climb on June 30th, and JCCS on September 21st.  These are just a few of the events we are looking forward to along with many more local cruises and shows. 

Now we want to hear from you.

What automotive events are you most looking forward to this year?

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Davis Kinzell
Davis Kinzell(@conky)
8 years ago

The Sonome Wine Country Classic at Sears Point. Good mix of Can-Am, Trans-Am, and even some Group C thrown into the mix.

Greg Wells
Greg Wells(@slotblog)
8 years ago

The Amelia Island Concours. As I say to anyone who will listen, you’ll see more rare, historic, one-of-a-kind cars at Amelia in a single visit than in ten years of going to other car shows. It’s ruined me for most other similar events…

Thomas Falkiner
Thomas Falkiner(@tomfalkiner111)
8 years ago

The second annual Kalahari Desert Speedweek. 14 to 23 September 2013. Hakskeenpan, Northern Cape, South Africa. The most automotive fun I’ve had in years. Highly recommended!

john tolle
john tolle(@runner)
8 years ago

BMW Vintage at the Vineyards NC May
Ault Park Concours Cincinnati June
Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix July
Monterey Car Week, Pebble Beach Concours, Legends of the Autobahn, BMWCCA Oktoberfest Monterey August
Santa Fe Concorso September
Hilton Head Concours November
ALMS, SCCA races Mid Ohio, Leguna Seca

Xavier Lamadrid
Xavier Lamadrid(@petrolheadracing)
8 years ago

The Nurburgring 24 Hours, a real race with real race-cars on a real racing circuit in front of real racing fans.
The Panamericana Race in Mexico

Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson(@valvebounce)
8 years ago

This is the mustn’t miss list I made over the Christmas break for all the top notch European Classic events…

Retromobile 8 Feb, Race Retro 23 Feb, Techno-Classica Essen 11/14 April, MSA Spring Classic 20/21 April, Warren Classic & Concours 4 May,
Mille Miglia 11 May, Villa D’Este 24/26 May, Brooklands Double Twelve 15/16 June, Silverstone Classic 26/28 July, VSCC Prescott 3/4 August,
Grossglockner Grand Prix 30/31 August, Beaulieu Autojumble 7 September, Goodwood Revival 13 September, Classic Motor Show NEC 15/17 Nov

Already missed Retromobile so it’s not going well so far.

I’ve been to every FOS but promised myself I will never go again, because I’m a contrary idiot! I’m going to more [url=””]VSCC [/url]events.

Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay(@christophergay)
8 years ago

I go to the Long Beach Grand Prix every year with my son and my father, as it usually falls on or near my son’s birthday.
We only go to the ALMS race on Saturday, so we visit with friends in the paddock, watch the open wheel qualifying, and stay for the ALMS race, which never fails to entertain. Gone are the days of IMSA GTP, but there is still great technology, variety, and competition in the various classes. At the end of the day, it is a great way for three generations of petrolheads to spend quality time. 🙂

Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson(@ccx)
8 years ago

Goodwood FOS again this year hopefully. You can’t beat it for variety, it’s a place every petrolhead should go at least once if they get the opportunity.

Doug Escriva
Doug Escriva(@dougie)
8 years ago

The Rolex- Monterey Motorsports Reunion, A full 7-days of classic car nirvana….

8 years ago

Lots this year. Goodwood Revival (first time) and FoS (second time), the Silverstone GP and Motorsport at the Palace. They’re the big ones.

Adam Spooner
Adam Spooner(@adamjspooner)
8 years ago

[url=]The Vintage[/url] in Winston-Salem, NC.

Brian Driggs
Brian Driggs(@dr1665)
8 years ago

DSM/EVO Shootout in Norwalk, Ohio. Not because of the drag racing, but because it’s the one time every other year I get to hang out with my gearhead buddies in person. There will be much drinking.

In 2012, my wife and I attended Elbetreffen, the biggest Mitsubishi meet in Germany. Awesome, awesome time. I’m already trying to figure out the off-continent gearhead adventure for 2014…

Jon Atkinson
Jon Atkinson(@jdatkinson)
8 years ago

Every year I go the Rolex 24 at Daytona in January, this year was a blast at always. This year I also want to attend The Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance and the Savannah Speed Classic. I’m really looking forward to making it to these two upcoming events.

Matthew Lange
Matthew Lange(@365daytonafan)
8 years ago

Even though I go every year the Goodwood Revival is an absolute must for any classic car nut anywhere in the world. In terms of trying a new event this year I hope to get to the Spa 6 hours the weekend after Goodwood. Picture below from last year’s Revival should appeal to the Alfisti on Petrolicious