Journal: What Do You Think About The Aston Martin DB10?

What Do You Think About The Aston Martin DB10?

By Michael Banovsky
November 2, 2015

Photos Courtesy of Aston Martin

When you feast your eyes on this car during Spectre, the next James Bond film, keep in mind that you’ll actually able to buy 007’s car in the future. Sort of.

Working with director Sam Mendes, Aston Martin designer Marek Reichman penned an evolution of the company shape, building the DB10 on the V8 Vantage platform—and widening it to nearly One-77 hypercar dimensions. Its falling waistline and low nose push Aston Martin lines to their limit.

With a 420 horsepower 4.7-litre V8 engine, 6-speed manual, and top speed of 190 mph, it’ll surely make a great addition to the range…if only.

See, Aston Martin engineered 10 DB10s for Spectre, and though the car won’t become a regular production model, you can bet one of the film cars will one day pop up for sale. The 10 cars were used for stunt driving, close-ups with the actors, beauty shots, and promotional work, so surely a few have emerged unscathed and surely—eventually—will hit the market. Start saving now…

So what do you think of the car’s shark-like nose, driver-focused interior, and extremely wide rear haunches?

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Jean-Noël Fermaud
Jean-Noël Fermaud(@jean-noel_fermaud)
3 years ago

I’ll have the Jag, if you please

Mario Baroz
Mario Baroz(@dukboy123)
6 years ago

It looks like every other Aston made in the last 15 years. They’re seriously becoming very, very, boring.

Frits Monsted
Frits Monsted(@benellisei1986)
6 years ago

Tail’s too short, legs and mouth too big. Is it a beach bug?

Doug Escriva
Doug Escriva(@dougie)
6 years ago


6 years ago

The proportions are ungainly, especially the cabin to body ratio. For comparison look at the beautiful proportions of the 1966-1973 Maserati Gihbli. I agree with James Schollum about the kit car reference, even a 1960’s Firberfab Jamaican, as a kit car, has a more unified appearance. The Aston needs work.

Nauman Farooq
Nauman Farooq(@naumanf1)
6 years ago

I think of the 10 cars made for the movie, one has already been agreed upon by Aston Martin to sell to a special customers. I know 6 were purely stunt cars, which leaves them with 3 more. One for the company museum, so now down to 2. Yeah, start saving, coz when they show up at an auction in the future, they’ll ask for big $$$. Me, I’d rather have Mr. Hinx car.

Christian Leyk
Christian Leyk(@gatito)
6 years ago

Looks to me like an unfinished concept study… it has of course some elegant lines, but overall it’s a bit rough & ready and unresolved.

James Schollum
James Schollum(@jjames1000000)
6 years ago

I’m actually not a fan – the front looks like a cheap kit car. The headlights look like an afterthought, they’re not integrated into the design at all, and they’re a weird shape. The grille also looks like it was just added at the end, just cut through the panel without much through.

Aston’s been on a roll lately, with the CC100 and Vulcan, this looks like a step backwards…

Nicolas Moss
Nicolas Moss(@itsnicolas)
6 years ago

Hrm… looks kind of like the RX-Vision. Hey! You kids! Get off my lawn! Hrm… looks kind of like the RX-Vision. Oh, did I already say that? I must be getting old. All these cars are looking all the same to me…

George Millwood
George Millwood(@sputnik)
6 years ago

It is gorgeous! The best shape Aston have produced in years.