Featured: What Do You Think Of Ferrari's New Monza SP1 And SP2 Barchettas?

What Do You Think Of Ferrari’s New Monza SP1 And SP2 Barchettas?

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
September 18, 2018

Photos courtesy of Ferrari

Ferrari does a few things very well these days in large part because of the brand’s undeniable and enduring status in the world of both sports and racing cars. The customer base is loyal, and they have some compelling reasons to be. The history of the brand is such that they can make limited production cars that they sell for more than very nice homes to people lined up out the figurative door who can’t wait to sign the paperwork.

The provenance is so great that nearly anything they make will find an enthusiastic following, and it just so happens they make some pretty serious stuff. Like the appropriately if oddly-named 812 Superfast, and its 789hp, 530lb-ft naturally-aspirated V12. These two pictured are based on that car, and with nine extra horsepower coaxed from the motor the Monza SP1 and SP2 (we’ll let you guess which is which) are, as of now, the only two Ferraris in the world with the manufacturer’s most powerful V12 in its 71-year history. The windshields are gone, but the small screens are said to deflect well enough that you won’t need a helmet, but hitting a fly at speed with you eyeball wouldn’t be the most pleasant part of the drive either.

Shown at the company’s Capital Markets Day, the two cars are part of a new limited-production series Ferrari is calling “Icona.” The designs of the first two cars in the line are inspired by the Ferrari Mondial, Monza, and Testa Rossa models from the 1950s that raced all over the world, from the Mille Miglia to Sebring to the Nürburgring. There’s no word on how to order these or where they’ll be sold, or for how much, but we’re guessing that information will announced soon. In the meantime, what do you think about these cars? They certainly look radical, and have the performance to match (Ferrari claims the 798hp V12s in these will get them to 62 in 2.9 seconds), but are they just re-bodied cars, albeit seriously impressive ones? The news of these two was surrounded with talk about their first SUV, new mid-engined cars, and a V6, among other topics.

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Ken Clark
Ken Clark

They not only look fantastic but also appropriately exotic for a Ferrari. Not that I’ll ever be in the market for one.

Chris Rowles

Wheels are also far too large for the car!

Richard Haines
Richard Haines

Very pretty but like all modern Ferraris very large. When you look at pictures with people standing around the cars they look the size of a lorry. Cars in period which have inspired this design had 4 cyl and 12 cyl engines making max 250hp. Why does a car with no screen to speak of need 820?

Joseph stepancic
Joseph stepancic

I hear prices are 1.4M. Can’t say I’m surprised at all by those numbers. But I do recall an MX5 speedster concept that would be much much easier on my wallet. Does petrolicious have any contacts at Mazda NA? Perhaps we can sway the accountants.

Jonathan WC Mills
Jonathan WC Mills

I think these may be the coolest new Ferrari’s ever made. Drabant says it best. New poster cars and I would drive the hell out of either one. What a deeply cool project. Practicality is overrated.

Steve Drabant
Steve Drabant

That car you wanted up on a wall as a poster when you were a kid? They did that for adults.


I really love the sp1

Sergio Lavermicocca
Sergio Lavermicocca

If they made a manual version I’d be interested!

Neil Gibson

Great change from more aero, more power etc. An almost elegant design harking back to a more simpler era, just a shame the interior does not match the aesthetics of the exterior.