Journal: What Do You Think Of The Alpine Vision Concept?

What Do You Think Of The Alpine Vision Concept?

By Michael Banovsky
February 16, 2016

Photography Courtesy of Renault

To quote Ice Cube, “Today was a good day”. Renault’s reborn sports car marque showed its final concept for what will go on sale later this year as a mid-engined, 4-cylinder, turbocharged sports car.

Looks like Alfa Romeo’s 4C and Porsche’s 4-cylinder 718 Cayman will get another rival—and though the Vision is still a concept and its specifications haven’t been formally announced, the company has finally let a few details on the production car slip.

First, its zero-to-60 time will equal or better that of the 4C, so you’re looking at 4.5 seconds—which isn’t far off from Porsche’s faster mid-engine machines, either.

Its weight is projected to be just 2,200 lbs (1,000 kg), which is a bit more than what the 4C is measured at. With Alpine’s access to the RenaultSport parts bin, expect to see its engine lifted from its hottest hatch and beefed up for canyon, Autobahn, and trackday duty.

I’ll save my impressions of its performance for the day I eventually get to drive the new Alpine—but what do you think of it so far?

(I haven’t seen it shown with a manual transmission yet, so there’s that…)

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5 years ago

In Alpine project the French should have been more daring and put the design in a more advanced level in order to create a more unique presence of the car, without of course creating something extreme or outrageous. In the past their design was more advanced . Now they seem more conservative. Sign of the times????

5 years ago

While it do sent seem to hit the mark perfectly for everybody’s weekend sports dream, I can honestly say that I would absolutely love to have one as my daily. The design, in my eye, is elegant and unique, unlike any car I see on the road. If it does share the engine from the Alfa, than I would be happier still. The only problem I have with it as it stands is that I can’t afford one and I’ll never see it in the US.

Peter Ferri
Peter Ferri(@volumevancouver)
5 years ago

I think that it’s a good start – albeit a departure from the ordinary. Some more crisp lines would be welcomed. Although not like the ruined new mini or fiat 500. Small chrome accents like the model it was based after would be nice – nobody does that anymore. Also manual gearbox is a must to get the enthusiasts (that are actually fans of Alpine) to buy one; if they don’t do that, Alfa is building another failure.

5 years ago

It has more Alpine A108 than A110 in it. Which I’m not sure I like… too soft around the edges. It just doesn’t look French enough for me. The concept looks good on it’s own, but it doesn’t compare well with the charm of the original Alpine.

Ae Neuman
Ae Neuman(@fb_1293493178)
5 years ago

it looks great but don’t make alfa’s mistake of not offering a manual gearbox.

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger(@gtrslngr)
5 years ago

The ” Is You Is or Is You Ain’t ” on again .. off again CaterPine now reduced to the Alpine due to a bloody divorce between Caterham and Alpine ?

Styling ? Bland as a refrigerator with cues ranging from Toyota Camry’s right on down to the SubaYota / ToyaRu twins

Projected price ? Well into Cayman./ Boxster twins territory which means despite Porsche switching over to the dark side [ Turbos ] the CaterPines sales are hampered and handicapped from the minute it comes into the light of a production day . Add in Lotus’s much improved Evora and the much as I despise it .. the pretentious X-bow posing as an Alfa 4C which is a heck of a lot better looking than this milk toast bit of … so called … design [ by Xerox ] and ..

Its a fail on each and every level .. destined for the relegation bin from the day it goes on sale .

Or to put it more succinctly ; An over priced , underwhelming [ aesthetics wise ] over weight and oversized pathetic attempt by Renault to revive a long dead moniker with a storied history that does not deserve this kind of treatment … not to mention soon to be another nail in the impending Renault coffin

In closing as I’ve asked elsewhere ;

Why is it BMW with their MINI brand was able to do the Metro Retro thing so well and so successfully … capturing the essence of Mini with their BMW/MINI albeit supersized

Whereas everyone else throws out half ( ____ed ) pretentious attempts at reviving their past [ re; PSA’s DS and the FIAT 500 ] that in fact have nothing in common other than the badge on the snout and a couple of feeble attempts at styling cues ?

Or to be even more succinct …. French styling and innovation gone bad …. again

Oh well … at least we still have Paris … well …. errr … sort of

rene Porsche
rene Porsche(@porsche-guy-964-carrera4)
5 years ago
Reply to  Guitar Slinger

I kind of disagree. Of course looks is a matter of personal taste, but I own a A110 (1969) and, for it’s worth, I am not pulled off at all by this reinterpretation.
Of course I quite like/love the Cayman, but if the new Alpine comes at decent price (a bit cheaper than the Porsche) and that the overall package is as nice as it looks on the picts, and the engine is as good as what Renault Sport can do with a turboed 4cyl, I would be tempted to place an order right now honestly.

5 years ago
Reply to  Guitar Slinger

I read these comments by Guitar Slinger a few days ago and thought how unusual for a Petrolicious reader to be so inaccurate and negative but thought I’d leave you to your sad rant but I see you have repeated these comments on the latest feature on the Press unveil so I’m wondering why you are on such a downer? you can’t be a disgruntled Alpine customer after all!
Where most manufacturers are more interested in building hybrids and talking about google connectivity (!) Renault are to be applauded on spending money to bring back what is a great Brand and one that will brighten the lives of motoring enthusiasts that normally populate this site.
Your comments about styling is your opinion but just because it is in white (which I agree is not flattering) you should be able to see that it’s nothing remotely like a Toyota of any description if you open the photographs (or many others on the web) and look at them properly.

The Projected price is NOT “well into Cayman/Boxster territory as you say and I’ve not read one article that says it will be. The price will be below the entry level Porsche price and you won’t have to spend a fortune on options.
Alpine are fully aware they have to build the brand back up.
A Lotus Evora you mention is TWICE the price so another nonsense comment.
So on these two points – one of which is your short sighted opinion and one just plain wrong, you declare “it’s a fail on each and every level”.
What’s a fail was your lack of thought and objectivity for a car you haven’t seen, let alone driven and have little knowledge of . If you won’t to be seen as a sad and ignorant armchair critic I suggest you think twice before posting on Petrolicious which is a more intelligent community.