Journal: What Do You Think Of The Bugatti Chiron?

What Do You Think Of The Bugatti Chiron?

By Michael Banovsky
February 29, 2016

Photography and sketches courtesy of Bugatti

This is the world’s fastest production car. At least, it will be, once owners take delivery of the ~$2.6 million Usd. Bugatti Chiron sometime this fall. To defeat its own Veyron SuperSport, the company had to shoot for more than 258 mph—surely not an easy target—but the new car is limited to 261.

Besides its speed, opulence, and undoubtedly incredibly intricate servicing routine, I think the 2017 Chiron is notable simply because automakers have finally surpassed the extravagant heights of 1930s excess. Exotic carbon fibre supercars are the modern age’s ‘Art Deco’ streamliners, the most advanced, expensive machines also packed with the most power and performance—just like when Delahaye, Pegaso, Isotta Fraschini, Voisin, Duesenberg, Bugatti, and the others roamed around. Chiron comes from Louis Chiron, the Monaco-born driver who was the company’s pre-Second World War star, notably competing well into his 50s.

I have a feeling that Chiron would be pleased that his name graces this machine. Now, we get style and continent-crushing performance: zero-to-186 mph (300 km/h) is over in 13.6 seconds, which (down here on planet earth) is an acceptable 1/4 mile time for a sporty car. Like the Veyron, it boasts four turbos, 8.0-litres of displacement from its 16 cylinders, and a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission—only the brake horsepower is now at 1,479 and torque at 1,180 lbs-ft.

We still don’t know how fast the car is: when Bugatti attempts to officially set the record for the fastest car in the world, it’s even hinted the car may top 270 mph thanks to just-for-the-feat Michelin tires. Essentially, Bugatti has found a way to surpass even the most wild ’70s sports racing and Can-Am prototypes in performance, while also heaping luxury, comfort, and safety onto its best-travel-lightly occupants.

Everything about this car is, expectedly, mind-bending.

So as you begin to divest yourself of assets in order to jump in line, keep in mind there’s a lot to learn about this new car, like its blown rear diffuser, carbon fibre monocoque (that’s as strong as a Le Mans prototype’s), air intake LED headlights, and cooled glove box for your morning cold-pressed juice. Better start studying on the firm’s handy microsite.

For now, what do you think of the latest Bugatti?

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Fast Er
Fast Er(@bezorta)
5 years ago

I think all the Motor Trend videos has made some people think that Koenigsegg is inventing amazing stuff every other day. They make great cars and use different solutions but many times they are not as groundbreaking as some may think. Also lack of testing resources show in reliability issues with most of their cars.

Bugatti has access to all of VW’s resources and testing facilities. They use some of the most forward tech and materials available today and some are available only to them. The beauty of Veyron was that it could be driven as easily at 5 mph as 250 mph. With or without the roof. With NO hiccups.

Chiron, just like Veyron, is a GT car, NOT a sports car. Compering it to a bespoke sports car is not smart. But in it’s own class, it’s unrivaled and unbeatable. Regardless of Regera or Venom or any other car/kit car that wants to be part of this class.

That is why Bugatti could sell all of Veyrons and already sold 1/3 of all Chirons, even before the car was ready. If the others were as good as they claim, how come customers are not buying so many? As always, what fans think is light years apart from what paying customers want. And they want Bugatti. Basta!

Ian Miles
Ian Miles(@smilo998)
5 years ago

Much less striking than the car they built in Forza. It is still an exercise in using brute force to gain spead.
The Koenig is a much more innovative car and also looks better. I would guess also that when they show the Regera R it will best the Bugatti.
As Gordon Murray said, it is not a sportscar when it weighs in excess of two tons. He has a point.

Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay(@christophergay)
5 years ago

I think this car looks fantastic. I am generally hard pressed to like any newer cars (supercars or “normal” cars) designed for the street, but this car looks amazing, and it looks expensive. It exudes speed and wealth, while maintaining class. I think the colour scheme is wild and daring, while still carrying some kind of brutish elegance.

It looks fast standing still. I think the photography is fantastic and I can appreciate the sketches from the two designers (although they are of disparate quality, in my opinion). I think the car looks better than the exterior renderings suggested.

My ten year old boy loves this car, as well. (He even said the interior concept drawings look just like my drawings.) Ha. So, I’d say he’s got a good eye… 😉

Thanks for sharing.

All this talk about other supercars? Meh. I’ve seen the close-up shots of the handiwork, and I have to say that I am not impressed.

5 years ago

I think it looks good. Not different enough from the Veyron but has some appealing design details and you cannot ignore the amount of engineering that surely has been done to make a car this powerful drive and perform this “normal”.

It’s definitely not one of my favorite hypercars but I’m glad it exists nonetheless!

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger(@gtrslngr)
5 years ago

Fugly – wretchedly excessive – more hype than reality – yet another VeryGoneWrong in disguise – as depraved , fat and bloated as the majority of its prospective owners – technology for technology’s sake – disgustingly vulgar – and no doubt like its successors absolutely worthless anywhere but VW’s private test track [ memories of watching an RS6 embarrass the living daylights out of Veyron owner while I following a reasonable and discreet distance behind coming to mind ]

Seriously folks … when it comes to todays wretched excuses for Super/Hyper/UltraCars there’s only two names worth considering once in this stratospheric price range

Pagani [ for the fashion conscious owner wanting some seriously fun performance with a whole lot of Italian brio and style ] and Koenigsegg [ for the discerning owner who places engineering and performance as well as on the road usability over Wow Factor looks ]

5 years ago

Too much VW in the headlight shape, and that shape pinches the horse collar grill too much giving it a hog nose appearance. The side mirrors are too pedestrian for a 2.5M car, side cameras would be cutting edge and much more elegant, not to add more aero.

David Greenbaum
David Greenbaum(@carbuildindex)
5 years ago

The design invokes thought, without question but I have to wonder if I were a child growing up today if seeing one in the wild would move me in the same way as seeing a Countach, for example, did when I was a young and impressionable car crazed kid growing up in the 70’s. Huge performance and safety advances since then aside, I’d imagine the Bugatti absolutely dwarfs the old Lambo in size if they were seen side by side, which makes me question if I’d even be into cars at all if I were a kid growing up today…

Otávio Tucunduva Mattana
Otávio Tucunduva Mattana(@fb_534472363)
5 years ago

I don’t like it. Maybe because I was really in love with the Bugatti Galibier already.

Pedro Macedo
Pedro Macedo(@linkerman)
5 years ago

It’s absolutely gorgeous. I’m loving the design, it has the right amount of aggressiveness and elegance.

Jeff Mills
Jeff Mills(@jmills-alexander)
5 years ago

Why go with the protruding doorhandles? Why not go for the streamlined handles in the F-Type, Aston Martin etc. handles? From the looks of it the big C scoops are air intakes, so wouldn’t a flush door handle make slightly more sense? If not functionally but aesthetically, it seems like an odd choice for a 2.5 mil hypercar.

Matthew Lange
Matthew Lange(@365daytonafan)
5 years ago

Odd headlights aside I think this is a better looking and more interesting shape than the Veyron. Still zero desire to even dream of owning one though.

5 years ago

Veyron part 2. Exactly the issue with the car. It will be more Veyron than Veyron, but Veyron did captured the imagination, and I just know already that this one won’t.

Alexandre Goncalves
Alexandre Goncalves(@cacem)
5 years ago

Love the rear but the front has some Edsel similarities

Alessandro Comparini Basbaum
Alessandro Comparini Basbaum(@alecbasbaum)
5 years ago

It is impressive, but sounds more like an upgraded Veyron than an all-new model. But the impressive part come before that.

Djordje Sugaris
Djordje Sugaris(@djordje-sugaris)
5 years ago

Galibier looked way better posing next to these stairs.

Otávio Tucunduva Mattana
Otávio Tucunduva Mattana(@fb_534472363)
5 years ago

I tought I was the only one to think this way

Andrew Salt
Andrew Salt(@nacl)
5 years ago

Not too sure about the ‘ear’ shapes on the sides. Otherwise, looks good.

Maxime Veilleux
Maxime Veilleux(@quebecois)
5 years ago

That car is loud, presumably just like his future owner will be.