Journal: What's Your Favorite Type Of Automotive Event?

What’s Your Favorite Type Of Automotive Event?

By Michael Banovsky
July 21, 2016

If there’s one thing I can suggest, it’s to experience as many different types of automotive events as possible. Formula 1? Absolutely. A concours? Definitely. Local rally? Why not—it’s likely you’ll find a new road or two.

I enjoy rallies when I’m able to drive, and racing events when I’m able to sit around and not work. Exploring new roads are what make extended B-Road trips great, and as I get older I find myself taking them as often as I’m able to; rallies are pretty much the same thing, but planned out.

At the other end, smaller car shows, concours, and that type of event I don’t enjoy as much. Cars in motion are better than ones standing still, at least for me. What’s your favorite type of automotive event?

Photography by Rosario Liberti, Otis Blank, Federico Bajetti, & Tim Scott

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Kurt Uzbay
Kurt Uzbay(@kurt)
5 years ago

Races !!!!!! SCCA !!!!… or better still,,, vintage races-!!
LeMans Classic, Both GoodWoods, the Mitty, The Historics at Limerock…. etc

5 years ago

I’ve been to F1 as a kid at “The Glen” in late 70’s, Montreal in Schumi era and in my experience NOTHING gives the visceral feel and hair on end scream of a Fomula 1 engine at redline. It’s an experience EVERY race fan should feel at least once. I have experienced Monaco a couple times In all its finest ways which gives you the “special” rare experience if you are fortunate which I was to share.
The BEST OVERALL has been the Mille Miglia in Italy. It IS THE TRUE coming together of passion, cars, history and some of the truest/nicest car people in the world. The photo you have of the little red Siata is one of the truly special people I speak of, Sylvia Oberti. She has driven the Mille as part of Scuderia Sports Zagato and does it all for charity to benefit children. It’s being part of events that share and continue to spread our passion of automotive history that creates future generations of true car people for life. If you have a chance to to do ANY car event. Check out the Mille Miglia for best of what the car world brings to life. ?

Charlie Anti
Charlie Anti(@cea257)
5 years ago

Even amongst pro races, Formula 1 is unique. No other category has the same atmosphere or gives you such a sense of “I’m part of something grand” that attending an F1 race does.

That said, club races are great fun too. They’re easy and casual, and you’ll likely see a huge variety of cars and some great racing.

Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay(@christophergay)
5 years ago

Racing. Being in the paddock or on the grid.

Victor M.Merced
Victor M.Merced(@vmmerced)
5 years ago

Absolutely with cars moving.I used to participate in road racing when I was younger. Also, I own a classic and I drive it to every show I participated. I really don’t like trailer queens

5 years ago

Racing by far, but anything that involves cars in motion gets a thumbs-up from me.

Josh Lederer
Josh Lederer(@joshl)
5 years ago

I haven’t had the opportunity to go to concours events though I have enjoyed casual rallying, local shows, and showing at/watching our local vintage Grand Prix (Pittsburgh). For me the car hobby is equal parts driving and with a British car -wrenching-preferably with friends over beer) and spending time with like-minded car folks. Events are an excuse to do both so for me it doesn’t much matter whether it’s a rally or show. IMO the most important ingredient is enthusiasm for the hobby.

5 years ago

Something like classic car rallies are very good. People who actually drive their cars tend to be a whole lot nicer than concours lot. Maybe it’s the unspoken dress-code of concours events, you meet at lot of assholes. Speaking from experience, by the way.

Linda N Brian Schick
Linda N Brian Schick(@sparkey60)
5 years ago

Concours are fun; and even though I can’t afford those cars, I can still dream.

Matthew Lange
Matthew Lange(@365daytonafan)
5 years ago

Concours are great for about 20 minutes, once you’ve seen all the cars they get very boring very quickly.

Smaller driving events such as Journees d’Automne (which has been covered several times on Petrolicious are my personal favourite.

Bill Meyer
Bill Meyer(@jack-straw)
5 years ago
Reply to  Matthew Lange

I’ve been attending sports car races since the early 60’s mostly on the west coast from Riverside up to Westwood in B.C.

I’ve seen a couple of F1 races including the first race at COTA in Texas and the old Long Beach GP about ’79.

These days I most enjoy vintage sports car races.