Journal: When Did You Fall in Love with Your Car?

When Did You Fall in Love with Your Car?

By Sean Lorentzen
August 20, 2013

Classic car ownership is a labor of love. It’s a difficult, expensive, and on many days frustrating passion to have, and yet there’s no substitute for it. The simple reason for this is that we truly, genuinely love the cars we own and drive. We’re willing to wade through the costs and the headaches for those glorious days when it all works perfectly. But like all relationships, it has to start somewhere.

For me, it’s an interesting question. When I first got my Pontiac, first started working on it, there’s no doubt I liked it. I enjoyed it well enough, even for all of its foibles and imperfections, but I still didn’t love it. Through years of restoring the car, I grew closer to it, but it didn’t consume me. The exact moment I fell in love with that car, though, I’ll never forget. I had been preparing the paint and body for nearly three years, spending countless Saturdays with tape, Bondo and a sanding longboard perfecting the surface for the final coat. The actual spraying was a two-stage process, one day for the white, and then another day about a week later for the blue graphics. When the body shell finally emerged after the final color coat, still wet, not yet clearcoated, but finally taking the shape I’d worked so long and dreamed so hard about, in that moment I knew there was no going back. This car was part of me, and it always would be.

Now it’s your turn. When did you fall in love with your car?

Photos are courtesy of Matteo Ferrari and featured in our post about his Automotive Monogamy project.

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2 years ago

I fell in love with my car just when i met my asian bride at and now i’m very happy. Me with my bride have 6 cars and we both love it! Cars are our both hobby, if you want to find a woman who will share love to cars, visit link.

4 years ago

This is a strange one for me too as the car I fell in love with was one given to me after my first car was sold. At the time I was only 16 and the car was a 1985 VW Golf GTI. I hated it at first. It was older than I wanted. It was cute sure and I loved hatchbacks since I was a kid, but I had always wanted a real sports or muscle car, like a firebird or Camaro. But by the time I had been with it a year, worked my tiny female hands to bleeding at fixing little things like the ignition coils or the fuel injectors… that’s when it all changed.
From that time forward, I loved that car like no other. When 4 years later (and more than 450,000 miles on it’s original engine) it started vapor locking, I spent days figuring it out and tinkering until I got it running perfectly again. When a careless woman 5 years later backed over it in her SUV, I sobbed like a baby. When my insurance company told me that they were just going to total it and tow it, I hugged it for nearly an hour, just sitting in the driver’s seat with my tears running down the steering wheel. The day they towed it, my boyfriend literally had to tear me from the car as I couldn’t bring myself to part with it. I’ve had many cars since that time, but I’ve never loved a car so much. My blood, sweat, and tears were quite literally in it.
That’s why to this day, whenever my parents urge me to make my hubby get rid of his MR2 that he’s had since being a teen, I refuse. I tell them I know what it’s like to love a car and I would never make anyone sell a car they love, no matter how expensive they are to repair or how old they get. It’s just not something you can put a price on.

Ib Erik Soderblom
Ib Erik Soderblom(@kaiserpingo)
8 years ago

1997 !
The first sight of the Alfa Romeo 156…, and I lost my heart.
A car so perfekt, that it had only one flaw: The lack of transaxel.

Car’s have been my main interest since early childhood, but with the 156 I felt this urge to look at her, touch her, sit in her and drive her.
To own her !!!
There are many beautiful cars created before 1997, and maybe even one or two after…, but a 156 has no competition !
I’m now on my second 156. It’s a 2.5 V6 and I really hope, that she will grow old together with me (if all the green-environment-hippies and hypocrite politicians allows it…)

Robert Calinescu
Robert Calinescu(@fb_100000662377200)
8 years ago

Porsche Boxster owner here myself, I have a 05 model that is in no way a classic car, but in my opinion its as close you get to a classic sport roadster as you can come in a modern car. Sounds and feels great to drive and hugs the curves like a koala bear hugging a tree. My romance with the car was more like love at first sight, it was the first Porsche I have ever sat foot in and after the first test drive I bought the car and each time I fire it up still feels like the first time. Still have that itch for a classic car though, dont know yet wich model, european or american. I like the golden era of American car industry, the cadillacs and the chevs and mustangs but at the same time I like the alfas and the older porsches…

Chris Dyer
Chris Dyer(@dyerhaus)
8 years ago

I drive a 1997 Porsche Boxster (986). I used to be the arrogant, idealistic, loudmouth who bashed the Boxster and clung to the 911 as if it was the only thing Porsche could do right. Then one day, I was at a used car dealer who let me drive one of several Boxsters he had on the lot – he just tossed me the keys and told me to have fun. A solo test drive. That’s when I realized it was a really good car. Solid. I couldn’t stop thinking about how much fun I had on a short 15 minute test drive. About three months later, I bought one. I stumbled across one of those deals you can’t pass up, I would have been stupid not to buy it, even if it was just for the sole purpose of reselling it. I have had this Boxster for three years now, it’s never failed me, and it performs amazing well. I drive this car every single day, and if I don’t have a reason to go anywhere, I make up one just so I can drive my Boxster. I particularly love the 1997 model because it exemplifies Porsche’s vision of what the Boxster was supposed to be – a pure sports car. I loved my Boxster more when I realized how much I love the fact it doesn’t have a glove box, or cup holders, and that it only has a cassette deck that never gets turned on. I love it even more when I’m driving and I see those gorgeous curves of the front fenders through my windshield. But, I fell in love with it about two weeks after owning it when I realized how happy it makes me feel every single time I drive it. Three years later, that hasn’t changed.

Chris Dyer
Chris Dyer(@dyerhaus)
8 years ago
Reply to  Chris Dyer

I should add that I know my car isn’t a “classic car” but I love it. I have owned classic cars in the past, and I have plans for future classic car ownership as well. Right now, I’m in love with my Porsche Boxster, and one of the main reasons I love it (that I didn’t mention above) is because it has a very classic “feel” to it, but decent modern power. Interestingly, enough, I almost bought an Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce instead, but at the time of purchase, I needed a reliable, daily driver.

Leucea Alexandru
Leucea Alexandru(@leuceaalexandru)
8 years ago
Reply to  Chris Dyer

Gorgeous car. Clean and simple. This is truly a bang for the buck right now.

Christer Lundem
Christer Lundem(@christer)
8 years ago

That Alfa Sprint Speciale is so badass! The colour, the look! Who would not fall in love!

Sid Widmer
Sid Widmer(@sid)
8 years ago

Pontiac what?