Travel: Which Of These Japanese Classics Would You Take Home?

Which Of These Japanese Classics Would You Take Home?

By Petrolicious Productions
September 30, 2015

Photography by Abhi Chatterjee

2015 marks the 10th year of the outstanding Japanese Classic Car Show, and photographer Abhi Chatterjee was on hand to capture many of the small details that make classic Japanese vehicles such a treat to look at—but a bear to own.

As their popularity increases in North America, it’s no longer a hopeless long shot to acquire a rare trim piece, interior fitting, or engine part—so long as the vehicle is more of a mainstream model, or the owner is willing to wait to find the correct item. Just keeping one of these classics on the road—a road many of them were never supposed to be on—is an achievement in itself.

With a bunch of Japanese classics in one place, JCCS has become the place to spot and oogle rare J-Tin, and with everything from ex-Le Mans racers to survivor pickup trucks, there’s little doubt any enthusiast would not enjoy what turns up.

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6 years ago

I’d like Toyota Sport800 and Honda S600. I’m a sucker for a little car that could, and roof comes off!

Ronnie M
Ronnie M(@ronniem)
6 years ago

This is the first I’ve seen one but that Mazda RX-3 looks pretty sweet. The air filter in the headlight slot is also interesting.

Peter Herbst
Peter Herbst(@radiofrequency)
6 years ago

I too am bummed that Petrolicious is having IT issues. But back to the cars, growing up in Africa (live in the US now), the Datsun’s were very popular. The engines were bulletproof, but sadly, the body would rust. Many farmers placed their Datsun engines into agricultural service once the body of the vehicle rusted too much for regular use. I had a 140Z as a company car, it (IMHO) was their version of the VW GTi, the car was comfortable, handled very well for the era, and literally sipped gas. In later years Datsun, then Nissan, improved their anti-rust measures (and overall quality). I’ve never forgotten that experience and would drive a Nissan anytime, love the 210Z in the gallery.

6 years ago

every time i come to this website i get angry.. it’s the damn gallery.. why do i have to wait for every photo to load?! i just don’t get it.. it makes me angry… the gallery is the reason i come to this site.. i want to see the pretty things but i just spend time looking at this white background waiting.. and it’s not the internet speed..

Jarrod H
Jarrod H(@derelict)
6 years ago
Reply to  lul

You know what? You are right! That 1/2 second is simply unacceptable!

It is not that bad. It is not that inconvenient. Just be happy that this site exists and exists free of charge. No stupid intrusive banner ads. No stupid YT ads running in loop.

Petro guys, keep it coming.

Jarrod H
Jarrod H(@derelict)
6 years ago
Reply to  Jarrod H

Oh, I forgot to answer the question. The car I would take, an Isuzu Bellett GTR is not there. My other choice would be the Toyota Sports 800 coupe. Such a pretty car.

Sam F
Sam F(@samf)
6 years ago
Reply to  lul

I enjoy the anticipation.