Journal: Who Else Is Playing Forza 6 This Weekend?

Who Else Is Playing Forza 6 This Weekend?

By Michael Banovsky
September 17, 2015

I’ll admit: Forza 6 had me from the first loading screen.

I’ve been playing racing games for about 25 years. Put another way, I’ve been messing around with the virtual world longer than it’s taken Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen to actually get into Formula 1, and I’ve had a 13-year head start.

Good racing games come along only so often, a mix of the market, consoles, technology…I’ve seen it all come and go. My favorite games are “casual” simulations, where I can enjoy a few races, snap some in-game photos, and then do something else. Cockpits and the Oculus Rift are as real as you’ll get, but both are a huge commitment in terms of time, space, money, and technical ability.

Forza 6 has me excited, and my initial impressions are very good. 

But first, before you ask, “What’s with the spy camo on your Mazda RX-7?”

When presented with the initial selection of cars, I noticed that spy photo camouflage was one of the options. It seemed like a fitting choice, because there’s always a rumor going around that a new RX-7 will be out soon. Spy camo is also often surprisingly pretty and complex…at least on the real thing.

This weekend, I’ll be playing it a lot, and posting the most Petrolicious-worthy shots to Facebook and Instagram. I’ll also be answering your questions and playing along—maybe we can even set up a few races if there’s interest…

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Wood Herren
Wood Herren
8 years ago

I got Forza 6 the day it came out. So far I have only played a few of the Super Street races and have enjoyed it so far. I love the variety of interesting affordable cars in the classes and I really like how the car classes are organized. I would love to be involved in a Petrolicious race. Also, what is your gamertag?

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