Journal: Winter Marathon Rally

Winter Marathon Rally

By Petrolicious Productions
January 21, 2013

Last week we asked you if you drive your vintage car in the snow.  This Friday, 160 drivers and their co-pilots answer this question in the most stylish affirmative we can imagine with the start of the 25th Winter Marathon rally.  This is a TSD rally that starts in the stylish ski resort town of Madonna di Campiglio and covers 447 km (277 miles) of mountainous, snow- and ice-covered roads.

Organized by the father and son team Roberto and Andrea Vesco, the Winter Marathon is open to cars manufactured until 1968 and always attracts an international list of participants.

Some fun facts about this year’s rally:

    •    A total of 160 drivers and co-pilots will drive 80 pre-1968 cars.

    •    25 different car makes are represented.

    •    14 pre-war cars will be running.

    •    Participants from 11 nations are in attendance, including five past winners.

This year’s attendee list features a nice mix of the super-rare classics as well as many humble, yet beautiful models.  A few that caught our eye include: 

    •    A 1957 BMW 507

    •    A 1938 Jaguar SS100

    •    A 1959 Abarth 750 Zagato

    •    A 1932 Fiat Siata Balilla Sport

    •    A 1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Ti

    •    A 1967 VW Beetle

The event will be streamed live, and you can watch it here.

Photography by P.M.Libertini/OP and Pierpaolo Romano

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Arvind Kumar
Arvind Kumar
5 years ago

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Ryan Hoyle
Ryan Hoyle
11 years ago

Here’s some video of the event. I didn’t get to see the live part, but this is one of the starting points. Some beautiful cars there.

andrea caldera
andrea caldera
11 years ago

I can’t wait to be there! I will take a lot of pictures!

Josh Clason
Josh Clason
11 years ago
Reply to  andrea caldera

Send us some pictures!

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