News: Yes, Frank Sinatra Really Did Own This LeBaron Town And Country Turbo

Yes, Frank Sinatra Really Did Own This LeBaron Town And Country Turbo

By News Desk
December 19, 2018

Images courtesy of H&H Classics

When you think Frank Sinatra, where does your petrol-addled mind wander to? The Dual-Ghias of his Rat Pack days? The Thunderbird of the mid-’50s Songs for Swingin’ era? Maybe even the dubious custom Mustang he treated himself to for his 50th birthday? Or this 1985 Chrysler Le Baron Town & Country Turbo ‘Woody’ Estate car? Hmm… The story goes that it’s the last vehicle Sinatra owned, and that he spent the last ten years of his life being driven around Las Vegas in it to avoid recognition.

At the time, maybe the Town and Country actually did blend into the Vegas background despite its fake wood trim and chrome wire wheeltrims. By the 1980s the LeBaron was a basic model trading on the name of the earlier, more luxurious LeBarons. The Town and Country was the station wagon variant, though believe it or not there was a Town and Country convertible too, also with fake wood. In normally-aspirated form it was a slug but the turbo version of the 2.2-litre engine pepped it up to a more respectable 146bhp. Even so, we guess Ol’ Blue Eyes was happy just sat in the back cruising down the Vegas strip.

In case you’re thinking this all sounds a bit unlikely, the car comes complete with a copy of the certificate of title showing Sinatra’s name and signature, along with “c/o Nathan Golden” (Sinatra’s chauffeur) with the address 70855 Sinatra Drive, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270. We’re thinking that living on a street named Sinatra Drive wouldn’t have helped much with the quest for anonymity. Anyway, the car is now coming up for sale, not in the USA but in the UK, where it’s being offered in the first ever live online sale to be held by auction house H&H Classics. Previous Sinatra cars have fetched strong money: in 1998 his ’89 Jaguar XJS sold for £113,600 and his ’56 Ford Thunderbird for £106,500, and in 2009 his 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham sold for $122,500. So, who will buy the Town and Country?


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jean caron
jean caron

Pretty sad looking automobile, no matter who owned it. This is the type of car the North American public were supposed to buy, no wonder the so called “Big Three’ are in dire straight these days or have been absorbed by other manufacturers.

Carlos Ferreira
Carlos Ferreira

Yes, terrible car, but your view of the Big Three is rather outdated and myopic. American cars today can truly be compared with the rest of the world and compete with the best. All you have to do to realize this is pick up any magazine from the last 10 years.

Richard Goldstein
Richard Goldstein

Couple of items to note for factual correction. Nathan “Sonny” Golden was Sinatra’s business manager/ CPA for the last 20 years or so of Sinatra’s life,not his chauffeur. Golden was a decorated WWII combat veteran and well-respected financial professional in the entertainment community and a close confidant of Sinatra. Sinatra chose the Le Baron because he was a fiercely patriotic American and a close friend of Lee Iacocca and he loved what both the car and the man symbolizes. Also, it was quite invisible in Palm Springs.

Nicolas Moss
Nicolas Moss

The ultimate Radwood car.

Michael Squeo
Michael Squeo

Seems hard to believe that Frank Sinatra, from age 73 to 83, wedged himself into what looks like a very small back seat with even less leg room. The price you have to pay for privacy!