News: You Can Now Buy A Nürburgring-Themed Version Of Monopoly

You Can Now Buy A Nürburgring-Themed Version Of Monopoly

By News Desk
December 14, 2019

First there was Monopoly, then came all the spinoffs: Star Wars Monopoly, Pokemon Monopoly, Junior Monopoly, Mega Edition Monopoly; why, there’s even a Game of Thrones Monopoly. And now, for those who favor all things motorsport, there’s one for the most famous – or infamous – race track in the world: Nürburgring Monopoly.

Yes, the Green Hell itself has licenced a special version of the classic game to have players race around the legendary German track. Battle your opponents to own some of the more known corners and grandstands that gave the place a reputation as a brutal, dangerous and unforgiving circuit. As the website describes it, “Go on a journey through the Green Hell and follow the footsteps of great legends like Jackie Stewart, Niki Lauda or Stefan Bellof.” Thankfully, all without the risk of a serious crash on its blind curves.

Playing pieces include a Formula 1-style car, a helmet, a wheel lug gun, a truck, a trophy and tires, and with a price of just €44.95 (about $50), it makes a great Christmas gift for that race fan in your life. The only caveat? It comes in German language only. Available on the Nürburgring’s official website (where you might find other suitably sporty gifts also).

*Images courtesy of Armando Musotto, whose previous jaunts to the Nürburgring you can check out HERE and HERE

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Frederick Sieber
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