Journal: You Can Now Officially Apply To Own A Ford GT

You Can Now Officially Apply To Own A Ford GT

By Michael Banovsky
April 12, 2016

Photography Courtesy of Ford

Thanks to Ford, you can now configure a 2017 GT supercar to your exact taste with paint colors, wheel selection, and options—and if you have the means, you’re also able to order one. Sort of.

The reborn GT has an awful lot of technology, performance, and sex appeal wrapped up in its wind-shaped carbon fibre body. Where else are you going to buy a brand-new 600-plus horsepower supercar that’s powered by a 3.6-litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine…with no hybrid components in sight?  

If it had the Prancing Horse or a Porsche crest on its flanks, it wouldn’t be an easy car to get ahold of—but with just 500 cars to allocate in the first two years, Ford is taking a page out of the Ferrari playbook in how it deals with pre-orders. Simply: vehicles will be allocated based on an application process. It’s open to everyone, of course, but Ford is taking a closer look at applicants who, in its words, “who will celebrate [the] Ford brand”.

Along with this process is a Ford GT Concierge Service for owners, and, assuredly, a ton of things to do once deliveries begin. A track day with a few dozen of these buzzing around would be a sight to behold…

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6 months ago

This car looks really super, very attractive in color, I admire this kind of sports cars.

Noel Olson
Noel Olson(@noel_olson)
2 years ago

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2 years ago

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Arvind Kumar
Arvind Kumar(@arvind_kumar)
3 years ago

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5 years ago

Ah, another day of the sun shining, and more utter drivel from the guitar.
Yes, you apply to purchase it, because Ford eels to avoid, as much as possible, speculators and flippers. This is one method of doing so. Even dealer principals, of both private and public dealerships, have to similarly apply for a vehicle for their personal use. But I’m sure you knew that since you seemingly know all.

The NSX isn’t running at LeMans. But I’m sure you knew that too and were just passively mistaken.

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger(@gtrslngr)
5 years ago

Oh golly gee and wonders of wonders . I can now APPLY for the privilege of spending a ludicrous amount of money on an EcoSnooze powered Ford GT pretentious techno wanna be . Aint that just grand ? Seriously ? What a complete load of luke warm fertilizer . . Tell y’all what Ford .. when y’all decides to deal with the GT for what it is .. which is just another big buck purchase rather than anything even remotely approaching a privilege needing to be applied for … maybe I might consider it . But oh wait . There’s still that pos EcoSnooze element which has been panned across the industry since e first released …. never mind ..

Apply indeed ! F-U Ford ! And here’s hoping Acura hand you your pretentious little head on a silver plated platter at LeMans .

Jeeze I’m really beginning to despise the pathetic attempts lately by manufactures lying ***ed marketing mavens to turn the insignificant into the profound

5 years ago
Reply to  Guitar Slinger

Acura isn’t racing at Le Mans dumbass

5 years ago

Nice photos of the Ford at Le Mans.