Journal: Your Speakers Are No Match For Hillclimb Cars

Your Speakers Are No Match For Hillclimb Cars

By Michael Banovsky
September 16, 2015

I watch way too many car videos, and delight in many things. From seeing Ford Aerostars being abused to shadowing Jim Clark at work, chances are I’ve watched it. But there’s one genre of racing I can’t get enough of on YouTube, and that’s modern hill climb racing.

What’s better than purpose-built mountain-carving monsters competing against ex-Works Alfa Romeo touring cars and open-wheel formula racers? The treacherous public road-based courses and the pressure of competing in only a limited number of runs must make things exciting for the fans, but the sound…the sound is what gets me every time.

I begin with the “widowmaker,” a Porsche 911 GT2 filmed in 2009 at Ilirska Bistrica in Slovenia. If the first shot of Herbert Pregartner leaving 11s up the course doesn’t fill you with glee, maybe Formula 1-engined cars will. Prefer something more Italian? How’s this Alfa Romeo 155 DTM?

Thanks to YouTube channel roydpg, there are a number of vintage hillclimb events now digitized and ready for your enjoyment. The whole hillclimb section is here, but above is one of our favorites because you can hear the cars, albeit in mono.

Jeff Zwart began his love affair with the 911 as a teenager learning to drive in his father’s early Porsche 901. Today, he’s known for setting and breaking records racing 911s through the clouds at the Pikes Peak hillclimb.

Updated over a number of years, on the left we have Reto Meisel’s Formula 1 Judd V8-powered Mercedes-Benz 190. On the right, now-deceased hillclimb star Georg Plasa’s BMW 1 Series Coupé, also powered by a Judd V8. Note: The sound begins at the 30 second mark in the second clip.

Go on, tell me this isn’t one of the most diverse fields you’ll see in racing.

Lancia Delta vs. Lancia Delta, at least that’s how the first two steps of the podium often look. With extensive modifications, the Delta is an ideal platform: compact, light, four-wheel-drive, and turbocharged. They sound awesome, too.

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7 years ago

I agree with You, Michael, the hill climb was born at the same time that the track races and they are so inspiring, the sound the performance, I almost can smell the gas in the air, thank You !

8 years ago

The 700HP Delta HF of Felix Pailer isn’t that bad either!
And there was that S14 powered hillclimb BMW E30 with a super throaty sound…

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger
8 years ago

Hmmn .. lets see now . Triangle Heliade Speakers … YBA electronics … a couple K’s worth of cable and interconnects ? Nahhh … not a problem . Nice choice of videos though … especially the DTM Alfa !

But .. errr … not to be picky or anything but y’all did miss the best of the best when it comes to hillclimb soundscape madness . That madcap and bat**** crazy insane Hayabusa powered FIAT X 1/9 thats been terrorizing Italian hillclimbs for years now . YouTube the little beast . You’ll see/hear what I mean .

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