Films: 1959 Maserati Tipo 61: Climb Into The Birdcage
Made To Drive | S10 E1
Porsche 911 Carrera T: Unfiltered Passion
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Made To Drive | S10 E23

1959 Maserati Tipo 61: Climb Into The Birdcage

Go backstage at England's Castle Combe circuit as we flog a T61 with Marino Franchitti.
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Made To Drive
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Paul Duesler
Paul Duesler
4 years ago

Stunning car, beautiful, purposeful, beyond wonderful. One of my favorite petrolicious videos. The dude is humble, tremendously skilled, appreciative, and lucky as heck. Nick Mason of Pink Floyd?!? Wow!! This film rules. Thankyou!!!

Steve Goudy
Steve Goudy(@steve-73)
4 years ago

Always fantastic to see an old classic like this driven very hard by someone who knows what they are doing. Thank you Mr. Mason and Mr. Franchitti. I have never had the pleasure of seeing a Bird Cage in person. This was a nice 2nd best way of seeing one.

Sotirios Bakaimis
Sotirios Bakaimis(@sotbak)
4 years ago

gresat video, great car. Merry Christmas!!!

Vincent Chiaro
Vincent Chiaro(@chiarov)
4 years ago

Man, dude can drive too!

Robert in LA
Robert in LA(@robert-in-la)
4 years ago

Great video. I find these videos that document cars, with engineering that sits on the cusp of a major shift in design or technology to be especially interesting. Monocoque chassis were about to become the lightest and stiffest chassis you could build. And this change would come partly in consequence of better finite element analysis tools to model them. Right around 1959, with the introduction of the DEC PDP-1 computer is when FEA really started to be more accessible. Maserati could not afford that, and so the bird cage emerges as a tube-frame car, where the division of the tubes is so small and the cage so complex that the tubular mesh of the chassis behaves a bit like a monocoque in terms of the broad distribution of load. The birdcage frame reaches the forward thinking monocoque concept, but executes it in a mesh rather in a shell. Soon the price of building monocoque shells would come down, but this Maserati is before that change. The Birdcage sits right on that cusp between the tubular chassis and the load-bearing sheet-metal shell frames, by being a ‘mesh’ of tubes, that distributes load almost as diffusely as a monocoque. I find these transitional designs to be very interesting.

4 years ago

Birdcage is so pretty! It’s so good to see it driven hard like it’s supposed to. What a car!

Stephan P
Stephan P(@alfettaracer)
4 years ago

One of the best videos. I wish more people could describe the experience and the car like Mr. Franchitti.

carl helmetag
carl helmetag(@upnatum)
4 years ago

Such a wonderfully done video! Bravo Nick Mason for letting your car be part of Petrolicious. And how fabulous to feel Franchitti’s passion for the car. Thank you!

Michael Squeo
Michael Squeo(@enzobindo)
4 years ago

Wow! Great video, great story, even greater car. Watching it accelerate just after the 5 minute mark was absolutely incredible. Thank you.

Bill Meyer
Bill Meyer(@jack-straw)
4 years ago

The ‘Cage looks it’s best here in U. S. colors.
Long may they wave.

Alexandre Goncalves
Alexandre Goncalves(@cacem)
4 years ago

Nick Mason is a drummer with great taste!

It’s really nice to see this car being pushed to the limits (as its supposed to be!)

Larry Kirkpatrick
Larry Kirkpatrick(@lbk1200xlr)
4 years ago

Pretty cool while watching with the Closed Captioning turned on: The motor revving is described as applause. Exactly.

Louwrens Biesma
Louwrens Biesma(@louwrens)
4 years ago

Fabulous car, great to see it pushed to it’s limits.

4 years ago

Wonderful to see the Maserati driven they way she was built to be driven!

4 years ago

What a fantastic car! It’s certainly one of my favorites, right up there with the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33.

Kurt Uzbay
Kurt Uzbay(@kurt)
4 years ago

This one is in my top 5 Petrolicious clips of all time. And its no coincidence that this one got almost 10 mins of air-time.
I’m lucky enough to see a Birdcage race almost every year at the Limerock Historics. What a sight/sound. This year I’ll be racing there too. But with a constant eye on the Tipo 51… Kurt

Dennis White
Dennis White(@alfa66)
4 years ago

I drove my father-in-law’s Ford Taurus!

Eric Roth
Eric Roth(@plouth)
4 years ago

Just wonderful. Perfect in every way,great job on this story!

4 years ago

You guys do superb videos. Franchitti’s respect for the car is so clear…and the car is a masterpiece.