Films: 1969 Ducati: The Duchess Of Speed
Made To Drive | S14 E1
Thornley Kelham: Nut-and-Bolt Restorations
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Made To Drive | S14 E14

1969 Ducati: The Duchess Of Speed

From horseback riding to 1969 Ducati racing.
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Made To Drive
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What comes to mind when you hear the words "Italian motorcycle"? Ducati? Moto Guzzi? What about Gilera, Benelli, or Laverda? Italy has a rich motorcycle history and has been producing unique and beautiful bikes for years, but here in the United States many people aren't familiar with Italian brands outside of Ducati and Moto Guzzi—many are not even familiar with the smaller single-cylinder offerings of these two brands. Hugo Gallina, owner of Vintage Italian Restoration in Southern California, has been building and restoring Italian bikes out of his garage for years.
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Terry VanDervort
Terry VanDervort(@spitfirefactorygmail-com)
2 years ago

Father and daughter, what a great story. People doing what they love with people they love.

2 years ago

Duchess, This is The Duke of The Vly. I have two daughters that I am grooming to ride bikes. I am looking forward to showing them this video when they are come to age. It takes a lot of courage to ride a bike at speed. Your father must be proud. Thank you for sharing your story.

2 years ago

This is beautiful. Enjoyed it enormously. Thank you.

Chris Steussy
Chris Steussy(@chris_steussy)
2 years ago

She very quickly mentions Instagram account . Did anybody catch it?
2 years ago

Two thumbs WAY up! However, I hope she inherits her dad’s MV Agusta at some point in the future. That would be an even better video.

Steve D'Auria
Steve D'Auria(@fb_1604498640)
2 years ago

Loved the story line and the composition of the film. This is definitely one of your better videos. Thanks .

Dennis White
Dennis White(@alfa66)
2 years ago

I believe that sidecar riders are definitely certifiable. One of the “prettier” videos ever on Petrolicious; love the flying braid! You go, girl!

John Holland
John Holland(@john_holland)
2 years ago

Delicious Petrolicious you have done it again – great film, great sounds and a great story ! (Though I wish my brother Rod would get his old Ducati Desmo 450 out of the barn and restored).

2 years ago

Great storylines here within this video. Thanks!