Films: 1972 Renault-Alpine A110 1600S
MEMBER SERIES: Homologation Specials | S2 E1
Conrad Stevenson: Stevenson Restorations
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1972 Renault-Alpine A110 1600S

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MEMBER SERIES: Homologation Specials
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Simon Ng
Simon Ng(@simon-ng)
1 year ago

I have the modern incarnation, but this classic is what drew me to them in the first place. Stunning and great film to boot.

Stephen Stuart
Stephen Stuart(@stephenacworth)
1 year ago

Awesome car – I’ve lusted after these since seeing them in the pages of MotorSport magazine in the 70s, but never appreciated quite how small they are. Beautiful film…

1 year ago

Thanks, really well shot and presented, currently reading the book about Giovanni Michelotti (a free stylist), perfect timing for this vid.

Spencer Pieters
Spencer Pieters(@spencer_pieters)
1 year ago

All smiles throughout that drive. A purity of driving that will never come back.

Frank Anigbo
Frank Anigbo(@fanigbo)
1 year ago

Beautiful film.

1 year ago

Unfortunately, these special automobiles are rarely seen in the U.S.A.

Sam, to help put the size of the A110 in a better perspective, would you tell us your height?

Sam Hancock
Sam Hancock(@fb_746215596)
1 year ago
Reply to  Mike

Sure thing Mike, I’m 6’2”… it was quite a squeeze!

Matthew Lange
Matthew Lange(@365daytonafan)
1 year ago

Enjoyed that. Shame that the last few sentences might not age well if the rumours that Renault are going to close the Dieppe factory and with it the new A110 are true 🙁