Films: Homologation Specials: 1980 BMW M1
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Classic Racing School: A New Path To Vintage Single-Seaters
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Homologation Specials: 1980 BMW M1

Bred for motorsport first and foremost over 40 years ago, BMW’s first M-car is still a remarkably unique piece of the Bavarian brand's history.
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Here is to hoping that Petrolicious returns to their “stories” and steers away from these… dramatic….
cinematically…. orchestrated…
narrated…. reviews.

I miss hearing from passionate owners and their cars.

Gavin Langier
Gavin Langier

Great film, great car, great location and great driving. With respect to the comment below, I think the narrator, being an ex-Le Mans racer is perfectly within his rights to drive the M1 the way it should be, namely at speed and with a bit of flair. I am sure that the owner of the car would have consented to its use in this way. I feel sorry for anyone who would buy a car such as this and be too fearful of stone chips to drive it enthusiastically, you’d be better off buying a 5 year old 520 diesel…..


As always a nice film about a wonderful car.
But where does this driver come from? Without respect, the madman accelerates out of the gravel next to the road. This driver must have felt very manly, the owner of the car certainly not.
Dear Petrolicious team, let this man continue to test in America Camaros or similar but keep him away from cars like the M1.


Another quality film from Petrolicious. Well done all!
(Was the door not shut properly at 10:33? 😉)

Sotirios Bakaimis
Sotirios Bakaimis

Well, although I am not certain that an Italian/Germany collaboration in automotive industry is something to die for….I have to admit that the external design of the car is quite remarkable. The interior lacks flair though. The narrator is quite good actually. He loves what he is doing & it shows. Thumbs up from me.

Sandro D'Annibale
Sandro D'Annibale

Great film, great car!