Films: Jack Olsen: One Garage To Do It All
MEMBER SERIES: Master Mechanics | S1 E1
1908 Mors Grand Prix Car: Mors Ianua Vitae
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Jack Olsen: One Garage To Do It All

Our friend Jack Olsen walks us through his incredible converted 2-car garage, DIY philosophy and passion for building and tinkering.
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MEMBER SERIES: Master Mechanics
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Scott Chandler
Scott Chandler(@scott_chandler)
2 years ago

This guy is an inspiration. I’ve seen him and his garage in a few other forums and it pretty well encapsulates how satisfying DIY work can be for car enthusiasts. He is literally a part of that 911 from all the work he put in. I’m sure that workshop is full of both treasured accomplishments and a lot of unprintable swearing when “simple” jobs turn out to be not so simple lol. Cheers.

Davide Lusardi
Davide Lusardi(@d_lsrd)
2 years ago

Amazing, well done Jack

2 years ago

Alright, this guy is awesome and that garage is fantastic. But anyone else notice that dude not wearing any eye protection doing metal work? lol

Frank Anigbo
Frank Anigbo(@fanigbo)
2 years ago

Truly inspiring.

Bill Meyer
Bill Meyer(@jack-straw)
2 years ago

For those of us who wrench on our own cars hearing Jack speak of working within one’s limitations is a great point. Most of us are not engineers nor expert fabricators so when we get an idea for a new tweak be it simple or complex and then bring it to fruition the feeling of accomplishment is one of the best things about the “hands on” part of driving tastefully. Knowing your limits can lead to some very creative solutions.

Paul Bilek
Paul Bilek(@pbindesign1)
2 years ago

Jack was the biggest inspiration behind my garage setup and why I modeled my work areas and layout after his.

Henry Rosenblit
Henry Rosenblit(@hrosenbliticloud-com)
2 years ago
Reply to  Paul Bilek

That is Sooooo Cool!

Pietro Lo Fria
Pietro Lo Fria(@heisman)
2 years ago
Reply to  Paul Bilek

Amazing Garage

Scott Chandler
Scott Chandler(@scott_chandler)
2 years ago
Reply to  Paul Bilek


2 years ago

Inspirational indeed! Nice story, thanks!

Ed Moses
Ed Moses(@ed_moses)
2 years ago
Reply to  JimZRyd


Dennis White
Dennis White(@alfa66)
2 years ago

Unfortunately I’m considered dangerous with tools and machinery, but admire those with the talent. Do use Jack’s corner-by-corner guide to Willow Springs constantly as a kind of tool. Does that count?

Henry Rosenblit
Henry Rosenblit(@hrosenbliticloud-com)
2 years ago

Once again, I am inspired to setup my garage… oh where to begin. Perhaps Lot’s of Red Bull to get started.
Thank you Jack–Well Done!

2 years ago

Like I have always believed and preached and Jack is excellent example. It is not great tools that make an exceptional craftsman but an exceptional craftsman that makes any tool greatl