Films: Lino Autoradio: The Car Radio Restorer
| S E1
Episode 7: More Mud
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Lino Autoradio: The Car Radio Restorer

Thanks to a combination of knowledge, know-how, and plain old passion, Lino Carini is keeping the art of the radio alive in the world of classic cars.
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1 year ago

I know this sounds terribly silly of me, maybe even selfish, But could it be possible to have English subtitles here? It would be nice to know what the gentleman is saying to us.

Justin Stevenson
Justin Stevenson(@taylor-stevensonme-com)
1 year ago

There are subtitles, you have to turn them on under the CC button on the video interface.

Carlo Brignolo Gorla
Carlo Brignolo Gorla(@carlo_brignolo_gorla)
1 year ago

Lino! He fix my ’68 Porsche Blaupunkt years ago….. what a nice surprise to meet him here around.

Graham Earley
Graham Earley(@tea_and_graymac-com)
1 year ago

Echoing Steely’s views, when I subscribed I signed up for the printed magazine.
Without that, my renewal is unlikely.

Graham Earley
Graham Earley(@tea_and_graymac-com)
1 year ago

Is it possible to get subtitles on these videos ?

1 year ago

For how long are you going to rehash old member only content, whilst ignoring your fee paying membership? What is the plan? How about an update for members? Or if not, refund some of the money. I’m a yearly subscriber and I’m not happy, If I were a lifetime member I would be more than pissed off.