Films: Renault R5 Turbo II
MEMBER SERIES: Homologation Specials | S1 E1
1977 Lancia Beta Montecarlo: Martini Time
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Renault R5 Turbo II

A giant killer with the blood of a former champion. Plus a turbo.
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MEMBER SERIES: Homologation Specials
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Sandee Weiner
Sandee Weiner
4 years ago

Sigh. Still one of my favs, always a dream car of mine … I had 3 R5s, but never the Turbo. In my next life perhaps. Double sigh.

Mark Walker
Mark Walker
4 years ago

This is awesome! A great piece about an under rated car that I’ve always had a soft spot for!

Rubens Florentino
Rubens Florentino
4 years ago

It may sound dumb but why every race/ professional driver drives sooooo close to the steering wheel? Does it make easier to control the car? The guy on this video, his knee is almost in front of the speedometer.

4 years ago

The narrator explains that at 6m45: “the driving position is so ridiculous… it is all to accommodate that mid-mounted engine that is perched about 5cm behind my right shoulder.”

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