Films: Soul Made: Ruote Borrani Wire Wheels
| S E1
Episode 11: The Last Post
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Soul Made: Ruote Borrani Wire Wheels

Borrani all but defined the center-lock wheel in the early days, and those traditions of handmade excellence and artfulness live on today.
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Milania Greendevald
Milania Greendevald
1 year ago

It looks amazing, buying new wheels is not an easy task. To make the right choice, you should study the topic well, ask experienced car owners about their preferences and read the blogs like . Buy the first available wheels is not worth it, because their reliability is the key to safe operation of the car.
2 years ago

Around 4:58, How they compare the spokes of a wheel with humans…brilliant! Only in Italy…

2 years ago

I like this series. Nardi and now Borrani. Keep up the good work.