Sold: 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 ($35,000)

1974 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 ($35,000)

By Petrolicious Marketplace
August 30, 2016

Photography by Hagop Kalaidjian

Written by Andrew Golseth

1974 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000

PRICE: $35,000

The End Of The Bertone Coupe In America

While the rest of the world was offered the Tipo 105 Bertone coupe starting in 1963, it’d be another two years before the Giulia Sprint GT was offered in the United States. The 1965 model year Giulia Stepnose sold quite well in America despite its premium pricing. Although the States never officially received the cheaper 1300 cc Junior model, the GT and GT Veloce models were popular sportscars through the late ‘60s.

The 1969 model year received a new 1750 cc engine, revised suspension, new bumpers, a four headlight “smooth hood” fascia, taller rear wheel arches, and an updated interior. 1970 was skipped in the U.S., but for 1971 the 1750 GTV received overrider bumpers, larger taillights to stay compliant with evolving regulations, and aesthetic updates in the cabin. In mid 1971, the model was updated to its final production cycle refresh.

With a 2000 (1962 cc) twin-cam 2.0-liter four-cylinder, the model nomenclature was changed to ‘GTV 2000’ to reflect the model’s upped displacement. While most markets continued to receive carbureted powertrains, North America spec GTV were given an all-new SPICA mechanical fuel injection system—a setup most independent shops were unfamiliar with resulting in improperly serviced 2000 GTV, unrightfully earning Alfa’s “unreliable” stigma.

Still, the GTV 2000 continued to sell until being discontinued for the U.S. market in 1974—most countries were offered the Tipo 115 until 1977, stretching the Bertone coupe’s relevance for nearly 15 years!


Penned by the young Giorgetto Giugiaro while at Bertone, the Tipo 105/115 coupes was an innovative design that’s earned its place as one of the all-time great Alfa Romeos. The unbroken 360-degree “Corvair line” gives the Bertone coupe a deceivingly wide track despite its small packaging. The minimal front and rear overhangs keep the design tidy with the wheels pushed towards the corners of the car for an aggressive but elegant look. The wraparound windscreen and rear glass provide the thin-pillared greenhouse ample visibility and balance the body dimensions perfectly.

This final-USDM-year GTV has been tastefully upgraded with period correct Cromodora Star five-spoke alloy wheels. When the car was repainted, the owner opted for European spec side front and rear side markers—small non-obtrusive circular indicators as opposed to the tacked-on U.S. mandated brick-like reflectors. At some point, a sunroof was added which could have been a dealer installed option—it was a common ‘upgrade’ in the ‘70s and ‘80s.


This 1974 GTV 2000 is an Alfa that’s recently a light service by our good friend Dorian Venezuela of DV Mechanics (you can see some comments from him about the car below). The car carries a good bill of health and, although not in concours presentation, is in good driver’s order with European-spec influence.

As a ‘74 year USDM model, this Alfa was originally fitted with the often tricky to maintain SPICA mechanical fuel-injection system. The SPICA setup was replaced with dual Webers for easier upkeep. Aside from the carburetors, the original 1962 cc engine has been rebuilt to factory specifications along with the five-speed gearbox. The engine fires, idles, and runs smoothly and the transmission shifts without grind.

The four-wheel ATE disc brakes are in great order and the suspension received new shocks and has been adjusted to the proper “Euro-spec” ride height—lower than the too-tall ‘70’s American safety regulated setting. A common in-period upgrade was to swap out the busy stock rollers in favor of Cromodora wheels, which look right at home on this example.

Inside, the cabin has been refurbished with proper materials to emulate the factory vinyl layout. The seat covers feature the appropriate “rippled” inserts with smooth bolstering, the door panels have the correct angled stitchwork complete with extended armrests, the perforated grey headliner remains taut, and the dash is free of any major imperfections—even the typically peeling veneer inlay dash and console trim are solid. All instrumentation, switchgear, and accessories function as they should and the original deep dish Personal three-spoke steering wheel is in place.


Exterior Highlights

Exterior Blemishes

Interior Highlights

Interior Blemishes

Mechanical Highlights

Mechanical Blemishes


“This is a great driving little GTV which I’d call better than most cars that come through the shop. She drives much the way I imagine these cars have driven when new. Car is quiet and smooth with a stock type Ansa exhaust system and plush touring tires which makes all day driving a pleasure. Interior is quite gorgeous and fresh and in the best color, black. I helped the current owner inspect it when he first purchased it last year and so I had access to the impressive binder of records and it and it is evident the car has been very loved in the past. The car has had some of its panels replaced (rockers and lower wings) in the past and they were done quite thoroughly. At some point it had rust in the floors and these areas were spot repaired (rather than full floor replacement) to stop the rust from spreading. Overall this is a great turnkey GTV that will give instant enjoyment. Body panels all fit very nicely with sag free doors that open and close very nicely. Paint is very nice with only a slight hint of orange peel, much like the original factory finish, color sand it to perfection or leave it as is. I replaced the clutch slave cylinder a few months ago and changed the oil. She is ready for a new owner.”Dorian Valenzuela, DV Mechanics


Aside from the quality installed aftermarket sunroof and Cromodora alloys, this GTV mimics  stock European specs. Some Alfisti purists might prefer the original USDM side reflectors, original Campagnolo multi spokes, and uncut roof, but this GTV has been upgraded nicely without detracting from the original lines—if anything, the changes have only improved the aesthetics.

The car hasn’t been treated to a ground-up restoration but rather enjoyed and fixed along the way. The paint is an older application but retains good shine over the straight and rust free numbers matching body panels. As is, the car isn’t likely to earn an “originality” award, but that’s not what this car is all about. It’s lightly modified, well sorted, and clean enough to enjoy without worry.


Recent service receipts from DV Mechanics mechanical restoration, owner’s manual, and various maintenance documents complied in an accompanying binder.


Unknown (believed to be just four owners since new).


For years, the Alfa Romeo 105 and 115 model coupes and sedans have been overshadowed by more mainstream classic sportscars. Today, the market has taken notice of just how special these beautiful Bertone designed Alfas are, both in shape and driving enjoyment. Like other collector cars, original numbers matching examples are the most sought after and, generally, command the biggest figures. This 1974 GTV 2000 is an extremely clean driver that you won’t feel guilty enjoying thanks to its “Euro-styled” guise.


This car is for sale by Eanna Mulkere of Laguna Niguel, California.

PRICE: $35,000

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