Sold: 1989 Ferrari 328 GTS ($134,500)

1989 Ferrari 328 GTS ($134,500)

By Cooper Classic Cars
January 11, 2017

Written by Andrew Golseth

Photography by Cooper Naitove

PRICE: $134,500


Thanks to a certain ‘80s television show that revolved around Tom Selleck’s impeccable moustache, you recognize this shape. Even those who aren’t infatuated with automobiles know what the Ferrari 308 is—even if they don’t know the “308” designation they at least recognize the unmistakable Italian wedge.

Debuting at the 1975 Paris Auto Show, the striking Pininfarina design was quite ahead of its time. So much so, that it remained in production largely unchanged for eight years—quite a lengthy cycle for a marque like Ferrari. With a five-speed gated manual, a howling 3.0-liter V8 mounted amidships, flip-up headlights, dramatic functional side scoops, and origami-like sharp creased bodylines, the 308 offered as much style as it did performance.

In 1985, the 308 received its first major update, which consisted of many changes throughout the car both mechanically and cosmetically. Enter the Ferrari 328. Like the 308, the 328 was offered in two body styles, the GTS (Gran Turismo Spider) or GTB (Gran Turismo Berlinetta)—Targa or fixed roof, respectively. The Quattrovalvole 3.0-liter V8 was carried over but punched out to 3.2-liters.

The new displacement upped horsepower to 270 equating to a zero-to-60 time of just 5.5 seconds—no slouch in 1985 and still rather quick today. With a top speed of 166mph, it’s reassuring to hear that under the angular Pininfarina coachwork is a nicely kitted-out tubular chassis equipped with four-wheel independent suspension complete with anti-roll bars and four-wheel disc brakes.


Although largely resembling the original 308 design, the 328 was updated with softer lines, most noticeable at the front and rear. The bumpers were redesigned and color-matched instead of the dating black finish worn on the 308. The fascia was revised to incorporate a larger sectioned egg crate grille with larger turn indicators/fog lamps and the fender vents of above the headlight pockets were deleted.

Inside the 328, the cabin received new bucket seats, new stitching throughout, refined materials, modern switchgear, and revised door panels to match the updated exterior. Produced from 1985 to 1989, just 7,400 were produced with all but 1,300-some-odd 328 optioned in GTS targa spec—hey, it was the ‘80s.


This 1989 Ferrari 328 GTS is a final year model with only 14,553 miles of use. This all-original and unmodified example has been under the care of just two owners since new. The car is as it came from the factory with the exception of new tires, fluids, drive belts, Tubi exhaust and a modern Clarion DRX 4575 (both original components included in sale).

In August 2016, the car received a ‘Full Service’ from the expert Ferrari technicians at Pocono Sports Car, which included all new fluids, an air-conditioning system recharge, and complete belt service.


Body – 328’s benefit from Zincrox coated steel panels, giving them added rust protection from the factory.  This example has no rust or accident damage meaning all original body panels with even panel gaps throughout.

Paint – The body wears the factory-applied non-metallic Rosso Corsa paint that retains good shine with no major imperfections to note.

Trim and Glass – All pieces of glass, including the windshield, are original to the car with no pitting, cracks, or etching. The lighting equipment is clean, undamaged, and fully functional. All rubber seals and gaskets are solid with no fading or dry rot damage.

Wheels – The quintessential 80s five-spoke “star” shaped alloy wheels wear their original metallic silver paint with no curb rash or peeling and are complete with all four yellow prancing horse adorned center caps—the original spare wheel is included.

Targa top – The Targa top is in great condition with a clean and correct fit.  There are no creaks from ill-fitting rubber gaskets during the drive.


Steering Wheel – The factory three-spoke leather wrapped MOMO wheel is clean, void of a greasy finish, unscratched spokes, and center cap matching horn button.

Dashboard & Instrumentation – The factory optioned leather wrapped dash is taut with no wrinkles, tears, or sun damage. The original Veglia Borletti instruments are all working properly with even amber back lighting.

Seats, Trim, & Carpet – The tan carpeting and prancing horse embroidered floor mats are clean. The tan leather seat covers look like-new with no creasing, broken bolstering, or tears—the door panels are in equally tip-top shape. During the cars 2016 service at Pocono Sportscar, the drivers seat and parking brake received light leather repair. The polished gated shifter plate is clean and looking enticing as ever and the switchgear and dials look factory fresh. The only non-original item on the vehicle is the Clarion CD player, which can easily be removed—the original tape deck is included.

AC and Electronics – The AC blows cold and all electronics are working correctly.


Engine – A 0-60 time of 5.9 seconds and a 163 MPH top speed are derived from Ferrari’s 270 HP Tipo F105CB.  Quick by modern standards, this power came from an increase in bore and stroke, updated pistons and an electric Marelli ignition system.  The original 3.2-liter Quattrovalvole V8 engine in this example is original and has not been opened since its factory assemblage. All mechanical components are original to the car with the exception of a Tubi exhaust

Transmission – The 328 was offered only as a 5-speed manual,

Handling – The 328 benefits from all-round independent suspension via double wishbones.  Midway through the 1988 production, the 328 received ABS brakes and the 1989 model saw updated staggered wheels, steering rack position make them the most desirable in terms of handling.


The following items on this 328 are not original (although original parts included with sale):


The sale includes the original spare wheel and tire, owner’s manuals, warranty card, and service invoices.


1989 – 2014 | Ross Provenzano | Long Island, NJ

2014 – 2016 | Scott Ehrenberg | Warren, NJ

2016 – Present | Cooper Classics – New York, NY



Analog Experience:  The 328 is one of the last gated shifters before driver aids became more prominent.

Usable Classic: Compared to other Ferraris, the 328 is popular due to its relative reliability and ease of servicing (does not require engine-out service for belt change).

Ticks All The Right Boxes: This car is a low mileage, all-original, numbers-matching, late production example presented in the classic color combination.

Pop-up Headlights: No explanation needed.


Get a sense of Ferrari 328 GTS ownership from one of our past features.


This car is for sale by Elliot Cuker of Cooper Classics in New York City.  You can get to know him better here.

PRICE: $134,500



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