Best Euro Compact Sport for a Tall Man?

Can you help your fellow Petrolista with this burning issue?


I suffer from a burning desire for small European RWD cars. Porsche 912s, BMW 2002s, and Alfa Romeo Giulias are some of the most painfully beautiful automobiles ever assembled. I would really like to get involved with such magnificent vehicles, but I fear that my stature is a limiting factor.

Car enthusiasts of the six-foot-four-inch variety have slim options. Additionally, living in the Midwestern United States makes it a bit challenging to find other car enthusiasts who are into small European classics, and would be willing to let me try their cars on for size. For reference, I drive a R56 MINI Cooper right now, and I fit just fine in it.

Which of the vehicles listed above would be in my best interest to pursue? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


Grant V.

Grant, we feel your pain! Hopefully our readers can provide some sage advice.