News: 007 To Drive Three Aston Martins Including the Valhalla For The 25th Installment Of The Bond Franchise

007 To Drive Three Aston Martins Including the Valhalla For The 25th Installment Of The Bond Franchise

By News Desk
June 21, 2019

James Bond may be a secret agent, but he sure isn’t great at keeping secrets, at least not when it comes to the choice of cars for his next movie. Aston Martin Lagonda Group CEO Dr Andy Palmer has just revealed that for the 25th film in the franchise, Bond will drive not one but three Astons, namely the DB5, a 1987 V8 and the upcoming Valhalla supercar.  While the DB5 is not exactly a surprise (it has almost featured in more Bond films than 007 himself) the ’80s V8 is an interesting addition and was last seen with Timothy Dalton behind the wheel in The Living Daylights.

The one most people will want to know more about though is the yet to be released Valhalla supercar. That is the name Aston Martin has given its AM-RB 003 concept car, the one they revealed at Geneva this year, and while details are still thin on the ground we do know that it will have a hybrid V6. Only 500 will be built and it will be made predominantly from carbon fiber. It will also be positioned to take on the upcoming 1000hp challengers from Ferrari, McLaren and a whole host of other manufacturers too when it finally reaches customers in 2021. Bond won’t have to wait that long of course; he will get to test its dynamic abilities against SMERSH next April and perhaps deploy some bespoke optional extras courtesy of Q.

While the all-electric Aston Martin RapidE was rumored to be Bond’s ride of choice for some time, it seems as though it might not make an appearance after all. Although we won’t know for sure whether it or any other interesting additions will be in the film until further details are revealed. One thing is for sure though, our favorite secret agent is never short of exotic machinery to help him carry out his missions and the franchise has even unveiled specially developed vehicles in the past, like the DB10 in Spectre, so whatever happens 007 will be well catered for on the automotive front.

Images courtesy of Aston Martin and RM Sotheby’s

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4 years ago

It’s been 57 years now; just when are UK movie producers finally going to scrap the tired spy routine we’ve seen countless times now. No amount of Aston Martin’s (even the DB5) are ever gonna make you look cool on film.

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