Reader Submissions: 1973 BMW CS 3.0

1973 BMW CS 3.0

By Petrolicious Productions
August 20, 2013

Owner: Doug Churchill

Make: BMW

Model: CS 3.0

Year: 1973

Location: Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Thirty years before he ever owned his own BMW, Doug Churchill saw what he would later find out was a BMW CS being driven by a beautiful blonde in Banff, Alberta—he was hooked. He later happened across a car site in 2003 and watched as the then-owner of this car restored it in a somewhat modified form, which path he has continued to follow.

Doug bought this car in October 2004 in Los Gatos, California. He spent only ten minutes looking it over before purchasing it and then driving the 1450 miles back home to Canada on semi-slick summer tires and in 36 hours, as he was attempting to beat the weather to Canmore. He made it all the way through some early mountain snowfalls without incident until he reached the last corner before turning onto his street, where he hit a patch of frost and slid into some bushes between to VW-sized boulders. Luckily there was no damage to the car.

The car has a sound body and very reliable operation that makes it a joy for Doug to travel long distances on mountain highways and road trips to the coast, which he does at least once a year. Doug’s favorite drive in this car begins in Alberta in Waterton National Park and leads up to the Chief Mountain border before crossing into Glacier National Park and heading over Logan Pass on the Going to the Sun Road and into West Glacier, Montana. He tells us that the prairies and foothills are on the left side of the car and the mountains are on the other and to drive this road in late September when when the road is empty and perfect.

During the non-driving season (winter is a long season in Canada), Doug spends time in his garage, taking the car apart, chasing tin worms, and continuing to explore performance possibilities—all of which are part of his joy in owning this car.

Regardless of the day or season, there are still times Doug heads into the garage simply to turn on the stereo and sit there with his car and a grin on his face.

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7 years ago

It certainly isn’t hard to be hooked by the beautiful coupe lines.

matthew mcleod
matthew mcleod
10 years ago

Cheers Doug . . . the car looks great. Your old (but new to me!) exhaust system is providing a nicely understated soundtrack in my coupe this summer. Swing by for a visit if you decide to just keep driving West to Vancouver one of these days!

Kyle Howe
Kyle Howe
10 years ago

That favorite drive sounds amazing. I have to get myself there someday.

Lars Banka
Lars Banka
10 years ago
Reply to  Kyle Howe

I’ve been there “only” in a normal car. Boy! What a sight! Take your chances and drive there!

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