Reader Submissions: Saam And The BMW M Coupe

Saam And The BMW M Coupe

By Petrolicious Productions
October 22, 2012

Our good friend and man of many talents Saam Gabbay explores the awkward beauty of the first generation BMW M Coupe in downtown Los Angeles.

Your name:

Saam Gabbay

Your profession:

Creative Director + Entrepreneur

Do you always fall in love with the cars you are photographing?

I only shoot cars that I have a potential love relationship with.

The M Coupe caught your attention because:

Because it took balls to take a shooting-brake style car into production. Also, because the car has a confident “bulldog” stance, I can take it camping, it looks like a shoe, and it has a short wheelbase. All of those things make a great combo.

The best angle of this car is:

Looking over the rear fender about three feet off the ground, flared hips and the rear glass angles do it for me, whereas the front could have been mistaken for an M Roadster.

Is the M Coupe shy in front of the camera?

Well, she’s got fishnets behind the passenger seats so probably not.

Future classic model or short-lived celebrity?

An instant classic due to limited numbers and great color.

Are you two still in touch?

I track her through the personals.

More fun shooting M Coupe or lingerie models?

Is it more fun dangling out of a camera car at 50mph or pretending you’re not interested for 8-hours straight

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6 years ago

Somewhere up on my wishlist (which is not very long)