Reader Submissions: 1974 Ford Capri

1974 Ford Capri

By Petrolicious Productions
November 5, 2013

Owner: Dane Withers

Location: New Milton, Southern England

Year, Make, and Model: 1974 Ford Capri

Dane Withers is only 21 years of age and has already owned several different Ford Capris. In fact, he purchased his first one at the age of 19 before he’d ever even had a driving lesson. His love for Capris started when he was only five years old when every Saturday morning he walked with his grandfather down to a small garage to go for a ride in his grandfather’s white 2.8 injection Capri. These weekly drives solidified his love for Capris, and since this time, he has always enjoyed their shape and beauty, especially their long hood and aggressive stance.

This particular Capri is his earliest model and is a MkII 1600. He loves everything about the car: the smell of the leather interior and of the fuel when driving, and the way the hood looks in front of him when he’s at the wheel are only a few of his favorite parts of the car. Dane looks after this car as he would a child, but he also believes cars are built to be driven, so he loves to have fun in it. His favorite place to take this Capri is to the New Forest National Park, located a mere ten-minute drive from his house, and through the cities late at night. Dane says that he can go on either a ten-minute drive or a two-hour one—he relishes any time spent driving this car. One of his favorite things to do is to drive up to a lookout and just enjoy the view.

He’s currently in the process of getting another Capri (a 2.9 Cosworth V6), but his ultimate aspiration is to someday own a Mustang and work in a car body shop. We truly hope his dream comes true—in the meantime, we’ll enjoy his ’74 Capri.

Photography by Dane Withers and Sam Knight

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Trevor Ansell
Trevor Ansell(@trevora)
8 years ago

Dane, you have a car that I grew up with in the 70’s and it looks great. I totally get the going for drive thing, what’s the point in owning a car and not driving it! I have a selection of very nice cars but the one car which gets the most attention is the Sebring red RS3100 Capri. Love the way it drives, the rear wheels squeal at every road junction like an episode of the professionals. Everyone wants to talk to you about the car Ford made for the people.

8 years ago

A seriously stylish machine these days. More so – but not really too much – than when they came out, and a rare example of the last version of a model actually looking [i]better [/i]than the first version… Love the color and matching shift-knob! Neko.

J Mason
J Mason(@qwiktiger)
8 years ago

Had a ’73 Capri in high school and through college. Put over 100,000 miles on that car. Loved it.

Dustin Rittle
Dustin Rittle(@mosler)
8 years ago

Thanks for showing us your car! I always loves these Ford Capri. They always reminded me of european cousin to the mustang. I always liked the Mark I and mark III the best..but this is a nice example. Oh! and of course you cant forget the basil green capri perana. those cars rocked!!