Reader Submissions: 1963 Triumph TR4

1963 Triumph TR4

By Petrolicious
October 22, 2013

Owner: Paul Thompson

Location: London, England

Year, Make, Model: 1963 Triumph TR4

Twenty years ago, Paul Thompson picked up this cherry Triumph TR4 with only 60 kilometers (37 miles) on the clock. He had found the perfect weekend historic rallying and long road trip car in his mind. The car had only two previous owners with all of its original parts.

For the past few years, however, he tells us he’s done a damn good job of “ruining it by driving it too much and adding all sorts of “go-faster” bits.” This month the car celebrates its 50th birthday, and Paul has clocked in around 140,000 enthusiastic and reliable miles with his Triumph.

“I built it for long distance road rallying and we’ve been all over Europe in it, including many race and test tracks,” Paul explains.

While his daughter was growing up, the car was stored to focus on more family related matters. Today, as depicted by Paul’s photo of the car’s tire shredding capabilities, it’s back to its usual tricks at the track. Paul says that his TR4 is “still going strong, and is still great fun to drive!”

Photography by Paul Thompson

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Sifu Alex
Sifu Alex
7 years ago

The fact that a 1963 Triumph only had 37 miles on it in 1997 was “ruining it”. He did the right thing by driving it all over Europe and brining to all those test tracks. He’s treating that care with love and respect it deserves.

Todd Cox
Todd Cox
10 years ago

The TR4 is, for whatever reason, my favorite of all the classic Brit roadsters. I have a ’64 Sunbeam Alpine and I’m considering selling it and putting the funds into a TR4.

Beautiful car, and while I understand how some would think he was ‘ruining it’ by driving and putting on go-fast bits, I think that was the original intention of the car, and honoring that legacy is far more impressive than keeping it a pristine garage queen hidden away from the world.

10 years ago

What an excellent car. I love TR4s (and all TRs come to think of it).

Great scenery for the photos too. Windsor Palace and Battersea power station if I’ve got them right.

Chris Rockey
Chris Rockey
10 years ago

That first shot reminds me of a Sunbeam Tiger. This is how you do a TR4. Contrasting hardtop really brings it together.

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