Reader Submissions: Loyal Young UK Owner Sees His Mini Through Rust & a Rebuild

Loyal Young UK Owner Sees His Mini Through Rust & a Rebuild

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
December 3, 2013

Owner: Jordan Koroknai

Age: 21

Location: Sompting, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Year, Make, and Model: 1986 Austin Mini Chelsea

Photographer: Jordan Koroknai

At the age of 21, Jordan Koroknai has already spent years loving and working on this Austin Mini Chelsea. He was given the Mini for his 13th birthday by his grandfather who owned a body shop at the time. It began as a fun, little project projected to last a few years, but it turned into more than that; at a young age, Jordan became very fond of the car and hasn’t been able to let it go.

Until he was 17 and able to drive the Mini, he was content to work on the car; he had a respray and a few other shiny parts added. When at last he could legally drive, he drove it constantly for next four years until some rust became noticeable and the paint started peeling. Jordan decided to take it off the road and added a new front end, rear valance, doors, hood, and even another trunk lid, because all of these parts were too far gone to the point that rust holes bigger than his fist were evident under the doors.

Jordan then spent every day of his summer break from university (where he studies car design) in his dad’s workshop sanding and filling the car at until it was ready for the painters. Five months later, after coming down from university on the weekends to work on the car, it is finally complete and has far exceeded Jordan’s expectations.

He loves driving his little Mini in the English countryside, where he enjoys guessing the correct gear for the very hilly roads. He also frequently drives along the coast on his trips out to Brighton, where the Mini is a real head-turner with the tourists, and where he hopes to take part in London to Brighton Veteran Car Run next year. One of his favorite things about the car is that it doesn’t have to be fast or low down with a big engine, yet it still turns heads and is a car he plans to keep forever.

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Jordan Koroknai
Jordan Koroknai

Thanks all for the lovely comments! It is indeed the same place I took my photos, the second day I had it back on the road I went for a drive and the lighting was perfect. Such a small world! Good luck with your project.

Tom Aiton
Tom Aiton

A great car, it looks so clean with tasteful modifications that have definitely been thought about. This has inspired me to sort out the rusty panels on my mini plus a bit more – I’m 19 so hopefully in two years time it will be worth the effort! Here’s a photo of it in the exact same spot (Shoreham Airport?)

Thomas Billam
Thomas Billam

I am looking to start my own mini adventure, aged 16. I have been saving up my hole life so that I can find the right one. Now its time to buy, so that I can have a few months of perfecting until my 17 birthday. This article has really inspired me to carry on with my dream and hopefully become part of story that others will want to hear about! Please carry on making these videos/articles, the photography/cinematography is awe inspiring and they bring out the petrol head in all of us! Thanks

Todd Cox
Todd Cox

The most beautiful cars are always ones truly loved by owners who intimately know them; it is very apparent this is one of those cars. Beautiful.

Well done.

Dustin Rittle
Dustin Rittle

All i have to say is incredible work my friend. You have some serious talent on your hands and its nice to see some people still appreciate the Mini. Im really digging the fact you kept it very much original but you can still see the excellent craftsmanship in it. The passion of this young man really comes out in this car. I really do hope alot of people read this article and get into the car restoring or building hobby to help bring these classic beautiful cars back to life. If this young man can do it we all… Read more »