Journal: 20 Films That Will Turn You Into A BMW Fan

20 Films That Will Turn You Into A BMW Fan

By Michael Banovsky
February 18, 2016

Touring car competition has been dominated for years by all manner of BMW. The films below range from full-length documentaries to our own features on road-going BMWs that were inspired (and developed) from its racing models. If you haven’t yet fallen in love with classic touring car racing—or need a bit of inspiration to test-drive that E30 M3 that’s just popped up in your local classifieds—these films will put you on the right track.


Most of our films on BMWs feature cars that were honed in the crucible of competition. Here’s a playlist of all 15 (and counting!) of them so you don’t have to search YouTube. It’s about an hour of footage…

Have you watched the documentary about BMW touring cars called Adrenalin? No? Watch this trailer, and then download or buy the film—it’s fantastic.

We’ve recently embedded BMW Story 1976 in a previous playlist, but if you haven’t seen this film, clear the next 26 minutes of your day.

BMW touring cars aren’t really designed for hillclimb competition, but once a factory race car is sold, its new owner gets a ticket to compete where the rules allow. Here, an M3 tackles a tight, winding mountain road.

This short German TV program features a nice look at a 1977 round of the ETCC, including the creatively-liveried UFO Jeans-sponsored entry.

This clip of various BMW touring cars begins with a CSL fly-by on the run-down to Eau Rouge. Just imagine a pack of these things sliding, bumping, and grinding around your local circuit.

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6 years ago

I see just 6 films.

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