Journal: 8 Period Films Of BMW Absolutely Dominating The ’80s

8 Period Films Of BMW Absolutely Dominating The ’80s

By Michael Banovsky
July 28, 2016

BMW simply owned the ’80s. In hindsight, it’s as if the growing company could do little wrong; it began with the final M1 Procar Championship in 1980, saw the introduction of the E30 M3, its continued support of Formula 1, the M division was making its presence known, and engineers even found time to go rallying.

This selection of films, mostly from the BMW factory itself, is a glimpse at an era that helped cement our idea of the Ultimate Driving Machine.

Rallysport 1988 is simply announcer-free footage of the E30 M3 rally car hauling ass on various stages, with in-car and exterior footage.

I’ve started seeking out technical training films in lieu of using a white noise machine, and they’re not terrible for the task. An exception is this BMW E30 M3 technical training film—in German, no less—which is strangely entertaining.

Just trust me, watch this one—you’ll want a BMW 635 CSI within the first 30 seconds.

Of course, the E30’s factory promo film is as epic as the car.

Synth music, BMW accessories, interpretive dance—it’s a bit much.

Why include a promo film targeted, apparently, at yuppie golfers and sports enthusiasts? Because the E30 Touring is awesome. Showing random photos of it beside other things? Less awesome.

Narrated in Dutch (if you know of an English version around, please share it in the comments), it’s the best way to launch a new car: by having Nelson Piquet (who’s speaking English) do a quick lap in the M635CSi.

Patrick Snijers on the Manx Rally, driving an E30 M3—magic.

Are there any ’80s BMW clips that we missed?

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4 years ago

I just love this one. E28 is probably my favorite BMW of them all.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
5 years ago

Didn’t Alfa Romeo win the European, British and Italian touring car championships in the 1980’s for more than tree years? Audi dominated in the DTM, Group B Rally, and other series all through the 1980’s. And what of Porsche’s 944 Turbo taking championships on both continents beating the M1 to do it? Remember Le Mans with class victories? BMW dominated what?

6 years ago

The CSI film, that’s young Gordon Murray, isn’t it!

6 years ago

Both of these are pretty good. Be ready to head over to CL to look for an e30 before you finish watching, though.

Dennis Cavallino
Dennis Cavallino
6 years ago

Never seen so many ‘Dutch’ content here. 🙂