Journal: 30 Minutes Of Irish Rallying From 1971 Is What You Need Right Now

30 Minutes Of Irish Rallying From 1971 Is What You Need Right Now

By Michael Banovsky
August 11, 2016

If there’s one thing the summer is great for—at least when there’s A/C—is taking a break indoors and watching a spot of YouTube. Today, I suggest you take a half-hour detour into this very entertaining sponsored newsreel from 1971. The Circuit of Ireland looks like it put on quite the show in period, with Paddy Hopkirk on hand to hassle faster cars in A Dash Of The Irish.

Old sponsored footage is often hit-and-miss with narration, but the film here, sponsored by Castrol in period, is both entertaining and informative. The footage is fantastic, including in-car from Hopkirk who was tasked with following other rally cars at high speed for the film! There’s not much more I can say about this one without giving it away, but I’ve got a feeling you’ll enjoy this brief look into motoring’s past.

I should note: 2016 was the Circuit of Ireland’s 85th year, but the event is believed to be on hiatus until 2018—let’s hope the rally gets back onto the calendar soon.

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Cian Ha
Cian Ha
7 years ago

Oh wow, I knew this film existed, but I’ve never had the chance to watch it before now. It’s a great look back at how Rallying used to be here. The length of the stage, the number of the stages in a day, it really was an endurance test for car and crew. I noticed that they turn left for Sneem at the top of Moll’s Gap, I’ve never seen that before, the “modern” stage goes right and descends into Kenmare. Both roads are enjoyable.

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