Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following, April 28th Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following, April 28th Edition

By Alex Sobran
April 28, 2017

Living vicariously through others can go either way—you can get into fistfights because of something that happened during a children’s sports game, or you can experience the world’s of others in healthy, complementary ways. It’s important to always make sure you don’t spend so much time in your fantasyland of choice such that you start viewing real life through a lens that renders it bland in contrast. It’s true that moderation and balance are important, but whatever amount of time you do end up allocating to Instagram daydreaming about the world’s cars and the places to drive them should be spent with the best roster of accounts out there.

So don’t waste your time sifting the piles of mediocrity for the mixed-in gems when we can gather up all that good stuff for you. So if you’re going to spend an extra few minutes “checking your email” before you get back to whatever it is you need to get back to, you may as well fill your feed with the prime cuts.

Speaking of experiencing things secondhand, if you’re looking to visit and experience the daydream version of Italy, Marco Makaus offers a great summation of what that consists of. Sharing his appreciation for the cuisine, the people, the places, and of course, the cars, save yourself the airfare and take a trip abroad through your phone. Yeah, it’s not like being there, but if you can’t be, Marco’s account can at least let you look if you can’t touch.

Dima Barsky’s @petrolportraits page is full of saturated, pop-art images of automobiles and all of their details. With an adept sense of space and consistently interesting framing and perspectives, the photography collected in this account does justice to the vehicles captured here. The shots are bright and bold, but more than that they make it seem as if the cars are showing off their wares for the camera; maybe that’s the “portraits” part making me say that, but the more you look, the harder it is to see anything else.

We’ve featured numerous professional photographers in the weekly roundups, and though the product of great gear paired with talent that can take advantage of it will always be welcomed in this column, it’s nice to see what can be accomplished without fancy lenses and post-processing work. Stefan Bräutigam populates his page with images captured solely on his iPhone. Of course, he knows how to set up a nice shot, and the subject matter chosen is hard to make ugly, but still, this is all from a phone. Don’t let a lack of experience or equipment hold you back from an interest in images. Here’s proof that you have no excuse not to give it a try.

Sebastian Bartl seemingly spends a lot of time at the Nürburgring, and for that we are supremely envious. Though the photos might not be to your taste if you prefer more realistic tones and lighting, as everything here is imbued with as much drama as possible. For a track as monumental as the Nordschleife though, it’s a fitting style. It’s tough to add any sense of magnitude to the ‘Ring at this point in its revered history, but this is a worthy piece in the story of this amazing place. Sebastian has a lot more to show you too though, so if you appreciate his portrayal of the track, check out the rest of the things he shoots as well.

@urbannaturalphotography has a big array of heavily manipulated images (I’ll let you find the scenes of low-flying fighter jets and shadowing helicopters) but don’t mistake a tendency for photoshop for a lack of talent, as his more true-to-life images are every bit as impactful as the wilder side of things. Featuring stunning locations and cars to match, this is car-commercial-quality work features cars you’d actually want to own. Using elaborate rigs to create the perspectives in his rolling shots, Patrick occasionally shows some behind the scenes peeks too.

Has your lush automotive Instagram feed given you wants that are feeling more and more like needs? Online shopping is the future after all, but how about perusing some vintage cars in the Petrolicious Marketplace instead of buying more things on Amazon that you don’t need? Window shoppers welcome.

Still not satiated from this week’s group of accounts? If that’s the case it’s also likely that you already follow @petrolicious, but why not see what we’ve been up to lately?

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6 years ago

Great choice on Dima Barsky’s work — I love the diversity, compositions, color and mix of viewpoints. And he’s one of the nicest people on the planet. Follow and enjoy…