Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following, June 30th Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following, June 30th Edition

By Alex Sobran
June 30, 2017

This week is a themed version of the typical Instagram roundup. While it’s typically our goal to give you the greatest cars photographed by the best cameramen and camerawomen, even the best patterns can use a little changeup now and then. That’s why this week most of the pages shown (of course not our own at the bottom though!) is comprised of cell phone captures by amateur cell phone photographers. Not everything is different than the norm though, as there are still tons of cars to see and a vicarious worldwide plane ticket to use.

I’m not sure, but I would imagine that most of you are like most of us in that when you travel for vacation (or work) you’re never able to turn off the car spotting senses that years of interest in automobiles have granted you. Looking back through my cell phone photos of times away from home it’s typical that most of the pictures taken will be of weird little economy cars that never came to the US instead of the architecture or the food or the museums of the area. Though it’s not such a bad thing—of course, it’s always a good thing—to see some extra-precious metal at top-calibre car events, there is a unique blip of pleasure that we get in seeing something neat parked in the street. Regular cars can be wonderful things. And so this week I’ve put together five street-spotting accounts from around the world in hopes that you also find some fun in scrolling through the virtual cities, looking for cars that stick out just a bit from the crowd.

First up is Paris. The City of Light (fun fact: even though the translation is “Lights” and not “Light,” it’s not really accurate to call it the City of Lights because this is all from the French ville lumière which is more like “City of Enlightenment,” and has nothing to do with the actual lights). Okay, pretty off-topic. No need to read any of this though when you have hundreds of cars to sift through. Of course there are lots of Citroëns, Fabien Caron, who runs this account, finds plenty of marques from all over the place, and from Ferrari 250s to Volvo 240s, all “Parked in Paris.”

Next is another stop in continental Europe, to Switzerland through the Instagram portal of Zurich on Wheels. It’s a pretty wealthy city, so there are bound to be things like the gold (of course) Mercedes 600 pictured above, but whoever’s taking these photos isn’t afraid to spend the time hunting down some stuff from the lower rungs too, like a ’90s Buick Skylark (I’ll spare you the sight of one of these things, it’s bright red if you wish to find it in this account though). Beyond just the cars—and this applies to all the accounts this week—it’s also a fun way to get a realistic view of these cities, not just the sparkly best-ofs.

Spinning the globe over to the US, we have Parked in Seattle, the wet and wonderful Pacific Northwest. I saw moss growing on some of the parked cars when I once visited the city, so I can’t imagine parking something valuable outside for very long here, but Ryan Whateverhislastnameis manages to find the cool stuff mixed in with the to-be-expected weirdness. I like how he tries to frame each shot with the same perspective too, it makes it pleasant to look at overall and easier to spot the really cool stuff. If you like old American stuff, this is the one to look at.

Going down now to South America, we visit Chile’s capital of Santiago. Bright colors, funky vegetation, and some quirky and beautiful cars are to be found in these little photo squares arranged by Nicolás Willson. Maybe I was ignorant, or naive, but there is a much wider variety here than I expected. Stuff like the real-deal GT2 shown all the way down to the PT Cruiser (which I’d never force the sight of upon anybody!).

Now to end on a combo: Adelaide Japanese Car Spotting. We have five slots each week, but this is kind of a way to get six because here’s some people taking pictures of Japanese cars in Australia! These accounts are fun in my opinion because they basically let you become a car spotter in these cities without having to a) buy a ticket to go there, b) spend tons of time either living there or else walking around random streets to find cars. You can play the game from anywhere, for as long or as little as you like, and it will be waiting for you when you get back.

The Petrolicious Marketplace is always adding new things to the online showroom, and you can check out the latest offerings and wistfully look at old ones that’ve long since sold in the back catalog all on one easy page.

Petrolicious’ Instagram account is a runaway train of good vibes and nice cars. Hop on, there’s always room.

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