Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following May 26 Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following May 26 Edition

By Petrolicious Productions
May 24, 2016

Instagram has become that wonderful window into what’s happening around the world—at least if you love “classic” things. We’re looking at the #drivetastefully tag constantly for photographers and vehicles to share with a larger audience, and this week, we thought we’d highlight a few Instagram accounts that take that ethos to heart.

Photographer Paul Moseley has a knack for capturing pretty much whatever he trains his camera on, but you can tell he’s got a special love for cars and the details that make them special.

She’s a writer, teacher, boxer, motorcycle rider…though not necessarily in that order. Sarah Lahalih’s Instagram chronicles life on both two wheels and four—with a healthy dose of racing thrown in as well.

Yeah, we sometimes post Instagram accounts that are a bit heavy with wanderlust, but weren’t  classic Volkswagen vans made for surfing, traveling, and camping? Our slogan of “Drive Tastefully” is literal once there’s a stove onboard…

What’s this account about? Well, if you need a hint…

Using only his iPhone, Timo travels the world while driving, writing, and experiencing classic cars. We’ve featured him before, but with his coverage of the Mille Miglia and his time with @tedgushue at BMW Classic fresh in our minds, it’s a good time to follow him if you haven’t yet.

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8 years ago

Petrolicious has become my gold-standard for what I want to accomplish with my car photography, I’m humbled to be included, thanks so much for the mention!

Paul Moseley

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