Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following: November 17th Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following: November 17th Edition

By Alex Sobran
November 17, 2017

We’re mainly in Europe for this edition in contrast to last week’s mostly United States-based lineup, and the mix is overall a bit more aery and thematic than usual. There’s nothing wrong with bright and bold (and indeed there is a colorful portfolio below), but with the days growing shorter for most of us in the world, and plenty of winterizing taking place in our garages, it feels apt to explore some aesthetics that fit the season.

Let’s get right to it this week; these are the Instagrammers we’ve been enjoying lately:

Steven Hodgkisson channels vintage British motoring perfectly in his portfolio of thematic scenes of car shows and historic race days. In between the colors and monochromes brims a dollop of nostalgic tones and cars and locations that characterize the classic scene. From privateers campaigning Cortinas to Jags nestled in the brick buildings of Bicester, this account is sort of like the Goodwood Revival all year round.

Amaury Laparra’s account is what you’d call moody, atmospheric, eerie, intimate—however it strikes you, it sticks with you. Living in a world enveloped by a shroud of fog, shadows, and neon, the collection of photos presents like a mixture of a Grimm fairy tale and little German cars instead of littler German kinder. The protagonist is Amauary’s diminutive little BMW 2002, but throughout its travels across the Europe it’s joined by a cast of other classics photographed by this uniquely talented enthusiast.

You may have seen a few articles popping up from Laura Kukuk lately, and we are excited to share more of her photography and journalism in the future. For now though, take a look through her account to find a page bustling with colorful classic cars in all sorts of settings. Family-owned garages to the premiere racetracks being pounded by priceless icons of motorsport history, Laura doesn’t discriminate, and the photos do justice to their subjects whatever they may be.

Johannes Huwe is from Germany but he gets around the globe quite often. Exploring terrains ranging from glacier wilderness to places populated only by pine trees, he might next show you the salty determination of the racers who tackle Bonneville with their shed specials. He explores and probes the places he wanders to, always turning up a batch of photographic evidence of time well spent searching.

Oliver’s expected time of arrival Instagram page is a display of the contrast and geometry that exists in the things we’ve built as a species. The buildings, the machines, the signage, the human-made lattice of things that fall under the umbrella of industrial design, this is what you’ll find in here alongside the occasional familiar face like the 2002 nose above. Photographed from unique perspectives and taken by an eye that masterfully composes these scenes, the derelict crane and the modernist skyscraper all expose their own versions of beauty.

High-rises and parking lots not your thing? The official Petrolicious account has your automotive appetite covered.

And if the photos from our our adventures are only making things harder, peek into the Petrolicious Marketplace to see what we have to fill that void in your life and in your garage.

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