Journal: 7 Films That Capture The Joy Of Travel

7 Films That Capture The Joy Of Travel

By Michael Banovsky
March 18, 2016

Humanity is here to go somewhere else, be it to jaunt a few miles down the road in an old sports car or to rocket through the atmosphere en route to another continent. We’ve been traveling since forever, and it’s no surprise that as soon as we could move with the benefit of internal combustion engines, the world began moving at ever-increasing pace.

Here, traditional V8-powered off-roaders mix with traveling race cars, the Concorde, and “air hostesses”—where are you traveling to this weekend? If you’re yet to pick a destination, get to it…

You know what success means? Success means having your name on the side of an airplane—or at least being the person who pays all the bills for a private plane. This classic A Look At Life clip shows the ’60s explosion of private air travel services.

Bahamas Carnival of Speed sounds like a place we’d travel to if we were privateers in period, and indeed, this particular race attracted its fair share of incredible entries—including a Ferrari 250 GTO.

It’s the first flight of the Concorde, and this old newsreel footage explains why humanity’s fastest-ever commercial passenger jet is such a revolutionary leap forward. Well, was…

Jack and his Lamborghini may seem like an odd choice for a “journey”-themed playlist, but wait ’til you hear how many miles he’s traveled in this most unexpectedly grand tourer.

A look back to when cars were, “…a highly temperamental and elegant curiosity…” shows vintage (and mostly Pre-War) models journeying over great distances in order to pick for parts, visit shows, and participate in events—in 1963. How many of these do you think have since been treated to big-buck restorations?

The final of three A Look At Life clips, this one looks at the “Air Hostess” with predictably ’60s narration and a dose of, “Did he just say that?!”

For traveling through South America, for these two explorers all they really need is a Land Rover Defender with a burly V8 and…not much else.

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2 years ago

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Denial Smith
Denial Smith
2 years ago

I really love travel and these films are very motivating. I also often follow bloggers like who travel frequently and can share their experiences

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