Featured: A Date With a Princess of Monaco

A Date With a Princess of Monaco

July 16, 2014

Photography by Afshin Behnia for Petrolicious

Pete (not his real name as he prefers to remain anonymous) had recently discovered Petrolicious and wrote us a complimentary email after binge-watching a year-and-half’s worth of Petrolicious films. His email signature had a Monte Carlo address, and since Kika and I were about to start a road trip from Milan to Cassis the next day with our trusted ‘Ludovica’, the 1968 Alfa Romeo GTV, we got in touch with Pete right away and made an appointment to meet up, have coffee, and talk cars.

The next day we set out on our road trip, driving through charming seaside towns in Liguria with a stop for an excellent lunch featuring the local specialty trofie al pesto. Back on the road and arriving in Monaco, we made the descent into town through the windy one-way roads and after several wrong turns finally spotted Pete’s early, bright-red Porsche 911E parked in front of a cafe.

Pete and his wife were both extremely welcoming and friendly, and both share a passion for vintage cars. Over coffee, Pete tells me the story of his 911E, the bittersweet experience he had with a 912 he had prior to that, and the Lancia Aurelia B20 that he’s currently restoring. But he was most eager to take us to his garage to show us the jewel that he had gotten for his wife. We got in our cars and Kika and I followed them to a condominium garage. There, in a corner, was the 1973 Princess Vanden Plas 1300 in an unusually beautiful pea green.

This rare specimen has had only three owners and just 17,000 km on the clock. Its rarity, extraordinarily well-maintained state, and original color, Pete tells me, are what inspired him to buy this Princess as a present for his wife. His wife instantly fell in love with the car and now uses it as a daily driver. In Monaco supercars can be a dime a dozen–all it takes is money and there’s lots of it here. To find and daily-drive such a rare beauty, however, takes something money can’t buy: taste.

Thank you, Pete and your wife for the hospitality and treating us to your Porsche and Princess.

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Ian Miles
Ian Miles
9 years ago

My grand parents had one. Grey with red leather seats. They retired to Spain and took it with them. Apart from wearing out the horn, it took them back to the UK twice from Southern Spain and 1.5 times round the clock. My grandmother drove with my Scottish grandfather navigating. Great little car.

Benjamin Shahrabani
Benjamin Shahrabani
9 years ago

Sounds like a great lunch too. No pictures of the delicious food?;)

Afshin Behnia
9 years ago

Alas not this time, but you can see some delicious Ligurian food pictures from our previous trip here:

Emanuel Costa
Emanuel Costa
9 years ago

The Vanden Plas Princess used to be one of the official cars of the portuguese president. It was (well) suceeded by a ’66 Mercedes-Benz 600 S Pullman. Now these two, and many others (Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Pegaso, Citroën, Audi), ‘sit’ in a museum in Lisbon.

On the other hand. There is on Vanden Plas being sold in a popular portuguese website for 7.250 euros. http://www.standvirtual.com/carros/anuncios/?op=search&aktion=find&rub=0&x=2&ma=200&mo=1574&tr=&pv=&ez=&kmf=&pb=&ezb=&km=&id=&sort=4

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