Journal: A Designer’s Eye At The 24 Hours Of Le Mans

A Designer’s Eye At The 24 Hours Of Le Mans

By Marc Tran
June 26, 2015

Marc Tran is a details designer (exterior lighting, wheels, speakers, etc…) at Jaguar Cars Ltd., and he recently attended a small but interesting classic car exhibition held before the big 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race. We thought his experience was worth sharing because, well, it’s only someone’s first time at Le Mans once, right?

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is probably the most famous race in the world.

And even though I work in the car industry, the 2015 was my first time in attendance. Let me start by saying: I felt a lot of excitement when I arrived there with some friends. Friday before the race is the day when you can have a look at the pits, walk on the track, and stroll around the local village. Above all, it’s nice to see how motorsports is still able to gather all kind of people together.

When I started to saw these classic racing cars lined up, I forgot my “day job”—it was like I was a kid again, and was probably smiling at everyone! The cars displayed were a group of Ford GT40 Mk IIs, Jaguar E-Type “Lightweight”, Jaguar C-type, Mercedes SL Gullwing, and a number of others. I was instantly captivated.

One of the owners started the engine of his Ford GT40: that was exhilarating, just to hear the noise and the smell of this machine…

Then, we went to see the special exhibition about the Ford and Ferrari rivalry fought in the ’60s. A documentary was on in the background, the cars were there—all these legends under one roof—including the Ford GT 40 Mk II, Ferrari 250 GTO, Ferrari P3 and P4…

I ended the visit by buying a new released comic about these years of competition at Le Mans.

It is a great comic, with amazing drawings that I would highly recommend. I had it signed by the illustrator, too, who was in attendance.

If you haven’t been, go. Le Mans is still such a special place, even for those of us who are around cars every single day. After all, it’s not every day you’re able to feel like a kid again.

Marc’s work can be followed on Behance, Instagram, and on his website.

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Evan Bedford
Evan Bedford
8 years ago

Looks like there’s lots of cool reading material on the iconic battle between Ford and Ferrari:\%3Daps&field-keywords=ford+ferrari+le+mans

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