Gear: A Pack of Porsches Tackles 14 Alpine Passes In One Weekend

A Pack of Porsches Tackles 14 Alpine Passes In One Weekend

By Jared Paul Stern
January 21, 2016

Images © Stefan Bogner, courtesy of Delius Klasing

Fourteen Alpine passes in four days with a dozen Porsches? Photographer Stefan Bogner has produced the impossible: a most epic set of Porsche road trip pictures for his immensely cool new book Porsche Drive from German publisher Delius Klasing. Through Switzerland, Italy, and Austria an armada of Stuttgart’s finest traversed incredible scenery that serves as the ideal backdrop for their mechanical perfection, along with roads seemingly emptied of other, lesser vehicles.

Leading the way in his own 1970 911 ST, Bogner lenses the amazing likes of everything, from the 356 and 906 / Carrera 6—Porsche’s last street-legal racer—to the sizzling 918 Spyder hybrid supercar. You can almost hear the roar of the engines echoing off the rock faces as you flip through. This isn’t merely car porn, though; Bogner and Jan Baedeker, editor in chief of Classic Driver, provide a highly detailed and practical guide to tackling each Alpine pass in your own Porsche, including distance, altitude, and scenic stops.

The premise of the book is that those with enough gumption can traverse all 14 passes in the course of one long weekend’s spirited driving. While the 918 might make better time than the 356, the point, however, is not to go as fast as possible. (Surely a life-threatening thought, considering some of the tortuous turns.) “A lot of corners and not a lot of sleep,” is how Baedeker describes what amounts to the “Mille Miglia of the Alps”.

Who needs sleep, anyway?

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Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger
7 years ago

God I wish to ( ____ ) DK Publishing would make itself available here in the US without ordering their incredible books from the EU .. paying not only an inflated cover price but ludicrous [ due to the shipper … not DK ] shipping costs as well . Between their current books on offer including this .. the several magazines they put out etc I’d be doing a lot of business with them if they did

So to the fine folks at DK I say ;

Come on DK ! If a pipsqueak niche company like Gestalten can develop a reasonable and effective distribution system here in the US [ and CDN ] you most certainly should be able to . And heck … you used to have a great set up here in the US … till you decided to abandon us completely ….. 😉

So get on the ball DK … cause this … along with several other books and Bookazines from your fine line up BELONG in my library

christian mortinger
christian mortinger
7 years ago
Reply to  Guitar Slinger…reasonable price & no shipping

Tqwana Brown
Tqwana Brown
7 years ago
Reply to  Guitar Slinger

Hi Guitar Slinger, our publisher ACC Distribution actually distribute for DK here in the US. You can call 212-645-1111 and ask for Sudha and she will take care of you. Here is a link to their titles on our website: